LOST Season 4 Episode 10 Something Nice Back Home The Seat42f Theory

Jack And Juliet Lost Photo

WOW. I’m still digesting what I just watched on tonight’s episode curiously titled “Something Nice Back Home”. For those who don’t know I watch each episode once and only once and sort of take mental notes as I go along. It would feel like cheating to me to pause and rewind and try to catch everything. Not to mention I prefer to wait until about 10:15  and let Lost run straight through on the DVR ( minus those pesky commercials}. Most importantly I don’t want to cheat myself out of my viewing experience by playing critic as I watch.  So as usual laptop and lights off and rice crispy treat(s) in hand I hit play on the DVR. Then BAM as it ended I was left head scratching as the promo for next week aired. All I could think was do I cheat? Do I re-watch?  I decided to stay the course and just type this up from memory. For the record my wanting to re-watch was to see if I missed an obvious clue as to what kind of flash we watched tonight.  It would seem it was a flash-forward, but how far and how did it line up time line wise with other flashes. So many things were out of place.  So many things!!!!!!

Random Thoughts:

Shirtless Jack
–Talk about perfectly thought out misdirection. We’re wondering where is Jack, who owns the panties and who is in the shower.  When we should be asking ourselves…if this is a flash-forward where is Jack’s big old appendectomy scar from his island surgery. It wasn’t there.  So how can we be in the future without the scar?  Hmmmmm. I suppose the better question is what future are we in where Jack doesn’t have his scar.

Lost Artwork Photo 

Follow The Artwork – The artwork in Aaron’s room changed from the previous flash-forward.  Maybe it’s a different room or even a different house, but it was not the same artwork. Much like the painting of Ben’s mother that seems to change it would seem the future offers slight differences on the past with each go-around. Also for a what the heck is going here!!!!!! Look at the artwork on Jack and Kate’s fridge. The same artwork on their fridge is on the walls on the mental institution where Matthew Abaddon visits Hurley.


Jack’s New Gig And his Evil? Co Worker – Jack isn’t at the hospital “anymore”. In this future Jack appears to be working at a clinic.  Got a kick in a Smokey=smoke alarm kind of way out of the battery dying in the smoke alarm and then Jack seeing his Dad.  Perfect timing by his co-worker to show up and “ruin” the moment.  The conspiracy theorist in me couldn’t help think she blocked Jack from seeing/talking to his Dad and it would seem in this future she had no problem starting Jack down his trail of pills. Coincidence? Hmmmmm And more fuel to the fire. The first time Jack thinks he sees his Dad his co-worker breaks in on Jack as well. My thinking is Jack's Dad is good and trying to pass on good information to Jack and the co-worker is applying some sort of bad block to Jack and his Dad. She seems to be preventing Jack from receiving a message from his Dad. Hmmmmm

Kate On The Phone – First off, it was good to think Sawyer was still alive on the island in the future. “He chose to stay behind” as Jack put it and  to me it sounded more like an alive on the island comment then passed away comment .  My thinking is Kate was talking with Cassidy and had a message from Sawyer to pass onto her and what I’m assuming is his kid Clementine.  The Oceanic Six are all probably rich so maybe Sawyer asked Kate to look in on Cassidy and Clementine or to give them money for a better life.  This would explain Kate having to do something for Sawyer. 

Just for fun!!!! We know Jack has a tendency to mistrust and Kate has been known to lie so for you clone conspiracy theorists out there what if Kate was talking to Jack… bearded 2008 Jack that is… about meeting up and the island.

Jack Reading To Aaron 

Jack Reading To Aaron – A nice moment, but it also gave this viewer a peek at Jack being Jack again. He married Sarah for the wrong reasons and now it appears he has proposed to Kate for the wrong reasons – to look after Aaron as his “dad”. And is that a Dharma Logo toy on the right corner of Aaron’s bed??????  And how about Jack reading  the same thing to Aaron as his dad read to him  ( very telling no? ) This is what Jack was reading from Alice’s Adventures Underground –

"I wonder if I was changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I think I remember feeling rather different. But if I’m not the same, who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

Father Of The Year – Okay, we know Christian Shephard wasn’t the best Dad when he was alive, but he seems to be making up for post death.  He’s trying to reach out to Jack to help him and last night he appeared to Claire. The way he was holding Aaron seemed so loving. I’m probably going against the grain here but I think Poppa Shephard was protecting his flock.  He has led Claire away from Sawyer and Miles probably because he knows trouble lies ahead. Perhaps this is how Aaron leaves the island, because Claire is not around and presumed dead and he is given to Kate in a “the island is no place for a kid” sort of way.  Claire being alive back on the island would explain Hurley’s message to Jack via Charlie that Jack isn’t supposed to raise Aaron.   

A Lot More To Come.