LOST Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews : Sayid Jarrah

Date Of Birth: January 17th, 1969  Hometown: London, England

In the classic tradition of leading men who have emerged from the London drama world comes Naveen Andrews, who is quickly developing into one of todays most diversely talented actors in both film and television. People magazine recently named him one of the World’s Most Beautiful People.

Andrews was recently in New York filming director Neil Jordans The Brave One, where he portrays co-star Jodi Fosters love interest. This urban suspense thriller, which also stars Terrence Howard and is produced by Joel Silver, will be released in June 2007. Andrews also stars in director Robert Rodriguezs 60-minute zombie movie, Planet Terror, which will be accompanied by a slasher film directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 2007 under the title Grind House — a tribute to the 70s exploitation films that influenced both directors. Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan and Josh Brolin co-star. Also in 2007 Andrews will be seen starring opposite Aishwarya Rai in the British film Provoked, based on a true story about a woman who was jailed for killing her abusive husband. Miranda Richardson and Robbie Coltrane co-star. The film received accolades at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

Though he was born and raised in London and is of Indian descent, Andrews says he has found his true home in Hollywood. He began his entertainment career as a teen-age musician, guitarist and composer. He won entry to the prestigious Guildhall School of Drama during a time that also produced screen stars Ewan McGregor and David Thewlis. Fresh out of university, he was cast in Hanif Kureishis look at the London rave scene, London Kills Me. He went on to put his musical talents to work in his next film, Wild West, starring as a Pakistani who dreams of finding country music success in Nashville. For this role he was nominated for the Evening Standard Award as Most Promising Newcomer.

Andrews then broke out into the international spotlight starring as Lt. Kip Singh, the Sikh with a talent for defusing bombs who finds a romantic connection with co-star Juliet Binoche — the English patients nurse — in the Academy Award-winning romantic epic, The English Patient. On the heels of that success, he went on to star in a wide variety of films, including Mira Nairs Kama Sutra, Mighty Joe Young, True Love and Chaos, Rollerball and Drowning on Dry Land, starring opposite Barbara Hershey (with whom he is now partnered).

Adding to his growing reputation as an actor of broad range and appeal, Andrews recently took on leading roles in two diverse film projects: portraying a poet caught in a love triangle in Jane Weinstocks modern romantic comedy, Easy, and starring as the eminently eligible bachelor Mr. Balraj in Gurinder Chadas (Bend It Like Beckham) riotously colorful Bollywood version of a classic literary tale, Bride and Prejudice.

Andrews has also found success playing memorable characters on high-profile television, beginning with the starring role of a 1970s London high-schooler in the BBC miniseries The Buddha of Suburbia, based on Hanif Kureishis comic novel. He was awarded the Best Actor Award at the San Remo Film Festival, among other accolades, for the role. He garnered further critical notice starring in The Chippendale Murders, the true story of Steve Banerjee, whose founding of a male strip club for women led to betrayal and murder. Working again with director Mira Nair, Andrews starred as Dr. Abraham Verghese in the telefilm My Own Country, based on Vargheses autobiography, and in the telefilm The Peacock Spring, based on Rumor Goddens novel. He recently starred as Menerith, who was torn between loyalty to his own civilization and his deep love for his step-brother, Moses, in the ABC miniseries The Ten Commandments, filmed on location in Morocco.

Andrews ability to portray such a variety of roles and nationalities, combined with his depth, sensuality and musical talent, make him a true rarity.

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