LOST Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox : Jack Shephard

Date Of Birth: July 14th, 1966  Hometown: Abington, Pennsylvania

Matthew Fox is an actor cut from the proverbial leading-man cloth, carrying himself with strong charisma and a powerful presence. In 2005 he shared the Screen Actors Guild Ensemble Award and was nominated for Golden Globe and Television Critics Association Awards for Achievement in Dramatic Acting for “Lost.”

Fox can currently be seen in the feature film We Are Marshall for director McG. The story centers around the events following the 1970 plane crash that killed members of the West Virginia-based Marshall football team, along with most of the coaching staff, sports commentators and many of the local boosters. Fox plays Red Dawson, the assistant coach who does not take the flight. He also completed production on the feature Vantage Point for director Pete Travis, a thriller depicting the attempted assassination of the president from five different points of view. Fox and his co-star, Dennis Quaid, play the secret service agents.

Best known for starring in the successful series “Party of Five,” Fox has numerous television credits, which include his starring role in the critically acclaimed series “Haunted” and the telefilm “Behind the Mask,” in which he played opposite Donald Sutherland.

Hailing from a ranch in Wyoming where his family raised horses and barley, Fox enjoyed an all-American upbringing that led him to play football at Columbia University, where he studied Economics. With every intent of being a successful Wall Street broker, he was instead swayed to modeling, which then led to some commercial spots, and he has been sold on acting ever since.

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