LOST Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway : James ‘Sawyer’ Ford

Date Of Birth: July 20th, 1969  Hometown: San Jose, California

Josh Holloway has caught Hollywood by storm with his unassuming style and southern charm, announcing his arrival on ABC’s “Lost.”

Holloway began his career lighting up the runway and fashion magazines, but soon realized that his calling was to the performing arts. He returned to Los Angeles after a stint in New York and began lighting up the small screen with appearances on “CSI” and “Navy NCIS.” He garnered praise and considerable attention for his performance in the title role of the Sci-Fi Channel’s original movie, “Sabretooth.” Developing his craft further, Holloway appeared in the feature film “Doctor Benny” and also enjoyed success in the indy world, appearing in such films as “Mi Amigo,” “Moving August” and “Cold Heart,” with Nastassja Kinski.

He will soon be seen in his first role on the big screen as the lead in the new Universal Films thriller, “Whisper.” Holloway plays a convict who kidnaps a young boy in this supernatural tale set in New England. In addition he has closed a deal to voice a live-action role in Electronic Arts’ top selling video game, “Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars,” for the Xbox 360.

Holloway is a born adrenaline junkie, longing for the thrill of extreme sports like skydiving, snowboarding and motocross. He is also known to tone it down on occasion by sailing and playing guitar. He currently resides in Hawaii with his wife, Yessica.
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