Lipstick Jungle Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Pilot – Original Air Date – 02/07/2008

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE. DRESS ACCORDINGLY – SERIES PREMIERE – Movie exec Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields, “Suddenly Susan”) does everything she can to balance career and family. Nico Reilly (Kim Raver, “24”), editor-in-chief of a hot fashion magazine, has her eye on becoming CEO. And free-spirited designer Victory Ford (Lindsay Price, “Beverly Hills, 90210”) longs to make her dreams come true, and maybe find “Mr. Right” along the way. Armed with humor and strength, these three modern New York women support one another through the triumphs and tears that are all part of making it big in the Big Apple. Also starring are Andrew McCarthy (“Joy Luck Club”) as Joe Bennett, Julian Sands (“24”) as Hector Matrick, David Alan Basche (“United 93”) as Mike Harness, David Norona (“Frasier”) as Salvador Rosa, Paul Blackthorne ("Big Shots") as Shane Healy and Robert Buckley (“Fashion House”) as Kirby Atwood.

Show Cast: Lindsay Price, Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, Paul Blackthorne, David Alan Basche, David Norona, Andrew Mccarthy, Robert Buckley, Edward Herrmann, Max Morris, Sarah Hyland, Skylar Gaertner, Mariko Takai, Quisha Saunders 

Episode 2 – Chapter Two : Nothing Sacred- Original Air Date – 02/14/2008

THE JUNGLE HEATS UP—LORRAINE BRACCO GUEST STARS—Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields) enjoys the box office success of her company’s most recent movie, but not for long. Wendy finds out that a novel has been submitted for publication, promoted by her nemesis, Janice Lasher (guest star, Lorraine Bracco), defacing her as an empowered businesswoman and, even worse in her eyes, a bad mother. Elsewhere, Nico’s (Kim Raver) relationship with Kirby (Robert Buckley) gets hotter, and instills Nico with this liberating mentality to shake things up around the office. Meanwhile, Victory (Lindsay Price) is troubled with the recent downsizing of her company to just one employee, herself. However, she is very intrigued by her new man, Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy), who is turning out to be a much different man than she imagined. Paul Blackthorne and Julian Sands also star.

Episode 3 – Chapter Three : Pink Poison  – Original Air Date – 02/21/2008

CATFIGHT! —LORRAINE BRACCO GUEST STARS—Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields) must deal with the release of a new book, portraying her as a bad mother, by her rival, Janice Lasher (Lorraine Bracco). With both the public's and Lasher’s eye on Wendy, she decides to bring her daughter with her to a “Women in Media” luncheon that does not go according to plan. Wendy is also faced with a tough decision about whether to allow a young actress star in a racy film. Meanwhile, Nico (Kim Raver) makes a decision to slow down the affair with Kirby (Robert Buckley) and the relationship takes an unexpected turn. Elsewhere, Victory (Lindsay Price) decides that it is time to introduce Mr. Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) to the girls, which will play a major role in which direction the relationship will go. Paul Blackthorne, Julian Sands, David Alan Basche, David Norona and Christopher Cousins also star.

Episode 4 – Chapter Four : Bombay Highway – Original Air Date – 02/28/2008

PASSION PROJECT—Wendy (Brooke Shields) sets her sight on a film that takes place in India that she feels is a great film, but does not present itself to be a big money generator. Wendy decides to host an extravagant premiere party and gives Victory (Lindsay Price) a chance to design for the star actress. Meanwhile, drama begins to unfold as Nico (Kim Raver) reveals to Wendy and Victory about her secret affair with Kirby (Robert Buckley). The lawsuit heats up when Kirby decides that he wants to see it to the end. Nico is faced with a tough decision that could be her only potential way of keeping her life together, but at what expense? Andrew McCarthy, Paul Blackthorne, Julian Sands, David Alan Basche, David Norona and Christopher Cousins also star.

Episode 5 – Chapter 5 : Dressed To Kill – Original Air Date – 03/06/2008

FASHION FIGHT! — Victory (Lindsay Price) discovers that her work has been stolen from a competitive designer and must try to discover how he got his hands on her work. Upon hearing that her old assistant, Reese (Kerry Butler), is involved in the scandal, Victory must decide if she believes Reese’s story. Meanwhile, things heat up again between Nico (Kim Raver) and Kirby (Robert Buckley), but not without Nico setting some ground rules first. Nico helps Kirby get a job, but when she spots chemistry between Kirby and the lead actress, she can not help but wonder how deep her feelings really are for this guy? Wendy (Brooke Shields) and Shane (Paul Blackthorne) go to watch Shane’s old band play, and Shane gets back on the stage. After Wendy realizes how good Shane is, she tries to pitch his demo for an upcoming movie she is working on. Andrew McCarthy also guest stars.

Episode 6 – Chapter Six : Take The High Road – Original Air Date – 03/13/2008

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE—A big breakout project, involving J.K. Rowling, presents itself to Wendy (Brooke Shields) and she promises only to tell Nico (Kim Raver) after she is sworn to secrecy. However, Nico is put in the hot seat by Hector (Julian Sands) and reveals Wendy’s secret to him. Hector immediately assigns both Nico and Wendy to head to Scotland and make a meeting with Rowling happen. Initially, given Shane’s (Paul Blackthorne) new job, Wendy is opposed to going, but after Shane convinces her it would be best, Wendy decides to make the trip. Nico, unaware that Wendy plans to attend the Scotland trip, invites Kirby (Robert Buckley). It has the makings for a very interesting trip. Meanwhile, Victory (Lindsay Price) is enjoying her newfound investor and thoroughly enjoying the man’s willingness to fund all of her ideas. She grows a bit suspicious and tries to get to the bottom of it all, only to find a very unsuspecting surprise. Andrew McCarthy also stars.

Episode 7 – Chapter 7 : Carpe Threesome – Original Air Date – 03/20/2007

THREE’S COMPANY OR THREE’S A CROWD? – BOBBY CANNAVALE AND MARSHA MASON GUEST STAR–Wendy (Brooke Shields) is dealing with a very difficult scriptwriter, Lorraine Lippman (Marsha Mason), who cannot seem to put an ending to her movie. Wendy makes a bold move and tells production to move forward, leaving it up to her to get the final script from Lorraine in time. Nico (Kim Raver), still very caught up in her dual life with Kirby, faces a harsh reality when she receives news that Charles (Chris Cousins) has had a heart attack. The scare makes her realize how much she misses her marriage and brings her life back into perspective. What will this mean for Kirby? Elsewhere, Victory (Lindsay Price) is getting used to the idea of Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) as her boss instead of her boyfriend. Hockey superstar, Chris “Parks” Parker (Bobby Cannavale) and his wife grow very fond of Victory. The relationship heats up, which puts Victory in a very compromising position.