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LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 8 Plumber Cracked Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Cate and Ryan’s relationship takes a big turn this week, as does Baze and Emma’s and Lux and Eric’s. But, it may surprise you as to which couple ends up splitting and who gets closer than ever.


Cate and Ryan’s relationship takes a big turn this week, as does Baze and Emma’s and Lux and Eric’s. But, it may surprise you as to which couple ends up splitting and who gets closer than ever.

Cate and Ryan begin the episode trying to work things out in therapy but when they are told to be completely honest with each other about everything, they both avoid each other at all costs. Ryan ends up having a guys night with Baze, Math, and another friend. Meanwhile, Cate has a girls night with Paige. Apparently it’s hang out with the people you hate most night. Cate tries to get Paige drunk so she will reveal secrets about Ryan, but Cate’s the one who gets trashed and dancing on a platform stripping off her bra. I wish I were kidding but that’s the real story. At that point Paige called Ryan and told him, so he shows up at the bar with Baze and Co. just in time to see the bra come off. Their therapist suggests that some time apart so Cate can deal with things, so what does Ryan do? He moves in with Baze, his arch-enemy, of course.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Cate wasn’t just acting crazy this episode, she did do some good things, like helped Tasha get settled into her new apartment. She gave Tasha a debit card that’s linked to her bank account so Tasha can buy groceries and use it in an emergency. That emergency comes soon after, but it’s not for Tasha. Lux and Eric decide to take a ferry to an island for the day so that they can be together without anyone seeing them. Along the way Eric somehow manages to lose his wallet, so they crash a wedding in order to eat and have fun for free. They have a fun time at the wedding reception together, maybe a little too much fun because they end up missing the ferry back to Portland. This means they’ll have to stay on the island all night. So, Lux calls Tasha to give her the debit card number so they can book a hotel room. Lux says that Eric will transfer the hotel room charge to his credit card the next day before Cate sees it. Tasha agrees to it but is not happy. Lux and Eric spend the night in bed together, but make sure not to touch each other. The next day, Cate gets a call about the hotel room charge and immediately goes to Tasha’s to find out what the deal is. Just as Cate and Baze (what he has to do with this I’m not really sure) arrive, Lux gets back. Lux and Tasha keep their mouths shut about the whole thing so Cate and Baze threaten to take them to the hotel to find out which one stayed at the hotel and who they were with. Tasha finally gives in and says it was her. Cate grounds her and tells her that she can only go to school and directly back to the apartment each day. Tasha just sits there as Cate yells at her, Lux doesn’t say a word either. Later, Lux is at Tasha’s again (wait, so she can still have Lux over even though she’s grounded?) and Eric is there. Lux and Eric talk and just when it seems like they may break up, Lux tells him how much he likes him and how things are right now. Apparently it doesn’t matter that he could lose his job and go to jail. In some twisted way I’m still rooting for these two and I don’t know why.

Baze and Emma are the other complicated love story this episode. Things are going great for the two of them, they’re making out in the backseat of Baze’s SUV. But, and yes there’s always a but, then Emma gets a phone call that her pipes have burst at home. She avoids Baze for the next day or so, but when he calls and a guy answers he gets suspicious. He goes to her house and sees a man’s shirt and luggage which makes him think she is with someone else. He ends up going back to her house another night and in the rain is yelling how much he loves her. So cheesy but it kinda works. She answers the door along with the man, who is her teenage soon. The next night she goes by Baze’s place and apologizes, and tells him that her ex-husband dropped off their son unexpected. Baze tells her that he’s falling in love with her and she says she is too. Awww!

So, what did we learn this episode? Cate always tries to make friends by getting them drunk, but she fails because she gets drunk too. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is something that both Cate and Ryan live by apparently. Lux is pretty much the worst friend ever for once again making Tasha take the blame for something she did. And, last but not least, Baze is actually a romantic.

Next week, we see that Lux was beaten in the past and see flashbacks of the attack.

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