LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 6 Honeymoon Interrupted Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Lux sleeps over at Baze’s and ends up having to listen to Eric and Paige have wild crazy sex all night. Apparently her shower curtain of a wall doesn’t keep the sound out too well. The next morning she confronts Eric and then storms out.


Lux sleeps over at Baze’s and ends up having to listen to Eric and Paige have wild crazy sex all night. Apparently her shower curtain of a wall doesn’t keep the sound out too well. The next morning she confronts Eric and then storms out.

Cate surprises Ryan with a staycation, a weekend by themselves staying at a hot hotel in Portland. They never got a true honeymoon so this is as good as it gets.

After last week’s concert jail experience between Baze and his boss, Baze thinks he has a serious shot with the boss but she shoots him down. He decides to be persistent though, since she clearly likes that given that she gave him the job after he begged her like 5 times. He talks his dad into letting him tag along for the company retreat where he hopes to win her over.

Lux gets an ‘F’ on a paper and tells Eric she’s done with him, completely. She demands a new tutor. These two better end up getting together. I know it’s wrong in so many ways but it’s right in so many ways too. Am I right?

Baze’s company retreat ends up coincidentally being at the same hotel that Cate and Ryan are staycationing at. Baze trashes his room and then asks to switch rooms with Cate and Baze, and because they want him to get a girlfriend so bad they agree to it. After moving rooms Ryan goes to lift luggage and ends up hurting his back. And, that pretty much puts a halt to their honeymoon staycation.

Lux and Paige have a girls night out, well for a few minutes and then Eric stops by with a movie that he thinks will help Lux out on the exam that she failed. Apparently he pulled some strings with Math and she can do a makeup test. She wants to escape but doesn’t really have a way out of this so she has to endure a movie and popcorn alongside Eric and Paige.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Baze gets a rude awakening when he goes to his boss’s hotel room and a half naked guy answers the door. His boss then comes to the door and asks if he needs something, he just shakes his head and walks away. Aww… I think Baze has a broken heart.

With Ryan down for the count in bed, he and Cate look through their wedding photo book. Cate spots a picture with Ryan and a mystery girl chatting. She asks him who it is and at first he pretends not to know but then admits it’s Julia, who he says is a friend of his parent’s. She gave them a crystal vase after the wedding, but Cate says they didn’t even invite her. She doesn’t have Julia’s address either. This starts a fight about who she is but Ryan quickly turns the tables and brings up Baze. Cate ends the argument there. Ryan then flashes back to him and Julia making out and getting ready to have sex. I knew he cheated on Cate!

Emma, Baze’s boss, brings her new boy toy to drinks and he brags about working for Morgan Stanley and a biotech fund that he says is the best in its class. Somehow Baze knows better though and says it’s actually not the best and has numbers to back it up. Clearly Baze has actually been doing some work.

Lux ends up enjoying the movie and learning a lot, so much in fact that her and Eric have a really good chat afterwards about it. Paige feel asleep during the movie, too much for her to process I guess. Just when you think Lux and Eric are back to being good with each other again though Lux tells him that she can’t do this, she doesn’t want to take the test again and she needs to be done with him. She runs out and Eric runs after her. He tells her that he wants to tutor her because it’s the only time he can spend time with her and get to know her without it being wrong.

Cate calls Paige to check on Lux but instead asks her about Julia. Paige fills her in on the fact that Julia is Ryan’s ex-girlfriend aka “the one that got away,” she says. Ryan has another flashback, this one where Ryan snuck out and talked to Julia in front of he and Cate’s house and Julia told him that she may be pregnant. Cate comes back to the room and confronts Ryan about Julia. He admits he had sex with Julia while he and Cate were broke up briefly, but he claims it only happened once. Ryan has another flashback to where the photo at the wedding that Cate saw. It was when Julia told Ryan that she wasn’t pregnant.

Baze and Emma end up talking later on in the night alone. Emma is whining about Baze’s dad being harsh on her earlier. He made a comment about her not being good with numbers. Baze takes advantage of the opportunity to have a drink with Emma and once again they hit it off. Later, Baze goes to talk to Cate but she has went home already, instead Baze talks to Ryan. He’s drunk and spills the deets of him and Cate sleeping together to Ryan. Oopsies!

The next day, Baze catches Emma’s boy toy kissing on another guy. It turns out she just uses him as a trophy boyfriend. So it looks like he and Emma are one step closer to getting together…

Eric talks to Lux and tells her that he went through all her tests and papers and believes that she has a learning disability. He wants to work with her and get through it. She seems to be more open to it now for some reason. If she’s smart she’ll go with it and if it’s meant to be then they will end up together once she’s legal.

Ryan tells Cate that he talked to Baze and found out he’s not the only one who had serious doubts before the wedding. He questions Cate whether she would have called off the wedding had Baze told her how he really felt about her. She says she doesn’t know.

Baze tells Emma that the reason he lost Cate was because he didn’t put himself out there and he doesn’t want to make that mistake again. So, he tells her that he wants to put it all out there and that he really likes her. They kiss.

The episode ends with Cate breaking the wedding gift from Julia by smashing it on the ground. And, Lux going to school to find out that Eric has had someone else step in for him as Lux’s tutor. I’m super confused after his passionate plea to her about wanting to help and clearly by the look on Lux’s face she is too. Let’s hope this isn’t goodbye to Eric entirely.