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LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 5 Music Faced Recap

LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 5 Music Faced Recap


Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Cate’s radio station hosts a music festival with Haley and Mia from One Tree Hill performing.


Cate’s radio station hosts a music festival with Haley and Mia from One Tree Hill performing.

Baze asks a co-worker to go to the festival with him on a date.  His boss informs him that she is going too because she wants to sign Haley. Lux, Paige, Jones, Tasha, Cate and Cate’s mom arrive at the concert along with Baze and his group. Cate goes backstage to talk to Haley. They both realize that they have a lot in common and hit it off. When Baze tries to get his boss backstage he finds out that Cate didn’t put them on the list. He decides they are going to find another way in.

Lux spots Eric, aka Mr. Daniels, and sees Paige run up to him. Apparently they are seeing each other now. Lux tells him that she’s her aunt and walks away disgusted.  Later he catches up with Lux and explains that he didn’t know they were related and was just trying to get over Lux by dating other people. He says she needs to stop picking guys that won’t work out. He tells her she should pick Jones to break the cycle because Jones won’t reject her. Lux seems to finally be considering Jones. It’s about time! As Lux walks back to where Jones and Tasha are sitting Jones is telling Tasha that he’s tired of waiting on Lux and that he’s glad Tasha asked him to the concert.  Lux walks back just in time to see them kissing. Tasha chases after Lux and tries to apologize and tells her that Jones is interested in her. She breaks down and tells her she’s tired of Lux having everything and that she likes that Cate is helping her out and that Jones likes her and not Lux.

Cate finds out that a band has cancelled on her last minute and finds Ryan to let him know. He goes to get her phone from her purse and pulls out her birth control pills. Uh-oh someone got caught!  She says she’s feeling like a bad mother and doesn’t know if she can do it again and especially so soon after them getting married. Ryan says he’s not going to give her an ultimatum but that he can’t be married to her if he can’t trust her.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Baze and his boss end up in concert jail and his date leaves him there. He tells his boss how he’s trying to get over Cate because Ryan and Cate are trying to have a baby. She reveals to him that she dated a guy once that wasn’t available and that moving on is the best thing for him. I think they may like each other, I take that back… I KNOW they like each other.

Cate is still freaking out about not having a closing band when she runs in to her mom. Her mom has lost Lux which makes Cate even angrier. She goes off on her and yells that she made her give up Lux. Her mom blows up and tells her that she didn’t want a baby messing up Cate’s life the way keeping Cate messed up hers.

Haley offers to help with the closing band and calls Sarah McLachlan to perform.  Baze and his boss are still concert jail sharing their bad dating stories. Security tells them they are free to leave, but both are having a good time and keep talking.

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Security finds Cate and her mom and lets them know that they found Lux. They are both relieved and her mom explains that she just wanted better for Cate than what she had. Cate confides that she doesn’t want another baby because she feels guilty that she missed all of Lux’s first moments and doesn’t want to make Lux feel replaced. Ok which reason is it that Cate doesn’t want a baby? I think she should just have another baby with Baze and stop all this Ryan stuff.

Cate and Ryan go home and talk about the baby issue again. He tells her that this isn’t how he wants them to be. Cate explains to him that she doesn’t want to let him or Lux down and feels she has to choose between the two.

The next morning Cate brings breakfast to Lux. She tells her she realizes she’s never been able to do that before and wants to start doing all the things she missed out on. She explains that she doesn’t want Lux to feel replaced if she and Ryan do have a baby. Lux says she understands and is ok with it but suggests that she talk to Baze about it too.

Cate goes to talk to Baze at the loft. She tells him that things won’t change between them and Lux if she and Ryan have a baby together.  Baze tells her that he’s ok with it and that he realizes he needs to move on. He tells her about the coworker and says that he felt a spark with someone yesterday for the first time since Cate and that he is moving on. Cate looks really disappointed.  I think she really is avoiding the baby with Ryan because she’s still in love with Baze.


Next week, Cate and Ryan go away for a romantic weekend and end up at the same hotel as Baze.  I wonder if she’ll stay in Ryan’s room or Baze’s.  Hmmmm…

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