LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 4 Team Rebounded Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

After last week’s incident with the golf ball, Kelly is ignoring Cate at work making things extremely tense around the radio station. When Kelly goes off script and into Ryan and Cate’s sex life on-air things get really heated.


After last week’s incident with the golf ball, Kelly is ignoring Cate at work making things extremely tense around the radio station. When Kelly goes off script and into Ryan and Cate’s sex life on-air things get really heated. Ryan tries to stick to the script for a while but then gives in and goes along with Kelly and her babbling.

Over breakfast Baze is pushing Math to ask out Paige but he’s too scared. Lux heads off to school to get tutored by Eric aka Mr. Daniels. He tries to figure out why Lux is having such a hard time remembering answers on tests. Just when he seems to be making a tiny bit of progress Lux spots someone in the hallway outside class and rushes out to see them. That someone turns out to be her old foster friend Natasha.  Natasha is back in town living with a new foster family and will be going to school with Lux. The two couldn’t be any more excited! Lux has basketball practice so Natasha tags along to watch. After practice Natasha hits the court just to play around and is so good that Baze and Math put her on the team. Afterward, Lux walks home with Natasha and realizes that Natasha is staying with a foster family that she used to stay with and quickly runs off.

Cate invites Kelly out for drinks to try to mend their relationship. It works, after a few drinks both are sloppy drunk and falling down but also spilling secrets to each other and promising to work better together and be friends. It’s refreshing to see these two getting along and for Kelly to be loosening up. I hope they keep moving Kelly in this direction rather than being so uptight.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Cate returns home drunk after her night with Kelly and goes to talk to Lux before bed. Lux tells her Natasha is back in town but that she’s in a bad foster home and asks if Natasha could possibly come live with them. Cate drunkenly tells Lux that if Natasha should get kicked out or not be able to live with the family anymore that they would figure something out or that she could come live with them. Lux takes Cate at her drunken word and goes to see Natasha the next morning. She tells Natasha that Cate said if she got kicked out that she could live with them. So, what do they do? They spray paint the side of the house of the foster family.

That morning Cate arrives to the station hiding her hangover behind a large pair of sunglasses. Kelly arrives chipper as can be and has coffee for Cate like the new BFF that she is. She and Ryan begin the radio show and things seem to be going according to plan for a few minutes but then Kelly starts revealing all of the secrets Cate spilled to her the night before. These aren’t just any secrets either. She told Kelly that her and Ryan were incompatible when it comes to having children because he wants a litter and she doesn’t want any. Ryan is floored when Kelly reveals this over the radio. He and Cate don’t get a chance to fight about it until later that day at home. Ryan is furious that Cate would tell Kelly such a big secret before even telling him and humiliated that he learned about it while on-air. He questions Cate whether they even should have gotten married. They also fight about Natasha possibly moving in with them now that she’s getting kicked out of her foster home for the spray painting. Lux walks in to overhear them fighting about Natasha and quickly leaves again.

That night Math finally works up the courage to ask Paige out to dinner and she accepts without any hesitation. It seems more like they are going out as friends/roomies rather than a date though. I guess Math will take whatever he can get though. He seriously lacks all confidence when it comes to women.

The next morning, Math tells Baze all about his amazing night out with Paige. He says they even kissed to end the night. After Math leaves, Paige comes out of hiding. She tells Baze that she had a horrible time and that she only kissed Math so that the night would finally be over. Baze tells her that she needs to tell him the truth but she thinks it’s better if Baze breaks the news to him. So, that night there is a basketball game and Baze and Math are both coaching. In the middle of the game Baze tells Math he thinks he should not try dating Paige because he thinks he still has feelings for her as well. Of course this makes Math mad and the two hardly speak the whole game. Baze and Math end up getting in a bigger argument over Paige and Baze blurts out that Paige really isn’t interested in him. Math throws down his clipboard and walks out. During the game Lux also breaks the news to Natasha that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to move in with Ryan and Cate. Natasha gets mad at Lux and rightfully so. During halftime Baze regroups the team, who has yet to score a single point, and gives them an inspiring speech. Baze is definitely a good salesman. In his speech he even manages to cheer Math up. The second half of the game is totally different, this half the girls actually score three points. They lose the game but celebrate their three points.

During the game Ryan and Cate reconciled as well. Ryan makes the case that he sees the love between Cate, Baze, and Lux and he wants that with his own child too. He really wants to be that for Lux but the fact is that she already has Baze, so he’s never going to be her first person to invite to Career Day or anything. Cate agrees that they can try. I sense that she’s just saying this to appease him for now but I don’t think she’d seriously have another child.

After the game Ryan and Cate and a social worker discuss ways they can help Natasha and they come up with a plan that they present to Natasha and Lux. Natasha will get her own apartment nearby and Ryan and Cate will supervise her. Natasha will get a stipend for necessities and then Ryan and Cate will just have to help her out with extras. Natasha loves the idea and so does Lux. So, it looks like Natasha is back, for now at least. Before the social worker leaves she tells Lux that she spoke with the mom from the family Natasha was staying with and that she gave her a letter to give Lux. As it turns out the family must have been really good to Lux because they tried adopting her.

Later, Ryan and Cate “try” but when Ryan goes to the bathroom Cate takes a pregnancy pill, just as I predicted. Lux reads the letter from the foster mom who tried to adopt her. We just get to see snippets of the letter but it’s pretty clear they loved Lux and treated her well and wanted her to be a part of their family. The letter is even signed “Love, Mom.” Lux cries as she reads the letter and is bawling by the end, she ends up tearing the letter to pieces.

Why do you think Lux lied about the foster home being bad to Natasha? And, why wouldn’t she have stayed at that home if it was so good? How long do you think till Ryan finds out Cate is on the pill and they get divorced? Let’s start the countdown…