LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 3 Criminal Incriminated Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

It’s a big day for Cate and Baze as they start their new jobs. Cate rants and raves before work to Ryan about Paige still staying with them.


It’s a big day for Cate and Baze as they start their new jobs. Cate rants and raves before work to Ryan about Paige still staying with them. She has a bad habit apparently of leaving empty milk cartons and food containers around, and scratching Cate’s car. Speaking of Paige, she slept over at Baze’s again, this time let’s hope she doesn’t burn down the rest of the apartment. Baze tells her that she is responsible for the fire that destroyed his bar and therefore needs to split the costs which is $10,000. Like anyone, Paige freaks out at the huge amount of money but Baze tells her she can pay in installments. Then Lux interrupts and Baze has to try to hide Paige.

Before Baze heads off to work he takes Lux to school and somehow has time to fit in a basketball lesson for her. He actually didn’t have time to do this, he ends up being late for work and gets a beat down by Emma, his boss.

Back at the radio station, things get good when Cate eats an entire loaf of what she thinks is banana bread but actually turns out to be pot bread, courtesy of Paige. It’s not until Ryan notices Cate acting strange that they realize she ate pot bread. Cate then freaks out and calls Baze trying to find out how to get ‘un-high” Baze’s only helpful suggestion is for her to find a hot tub, but of course they don’t just have those sitting around at a radio station – unless maybe it’s Howard Stern. As Cate is trying to figure out how to appear “un-high” and do her job, she ends up making things worse by leaning on the mic button just as she’s making a joke about Kelly being plastic down there. The corporate big wigs call Cate right away and are not happy with her joke.

Lux agrees to go on a pizza date with Jones, but only after she hears that other kids are going to the same place and are going to have the “blue book” there with the answers to an exam. I guess this is Lux’s new way of getting through the school year.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

That night Lux heads off to her date night with Jones and the crew from school. As Lux is leaving  Cate orders in Chinese and the deliver guy arrives. Cate goes to pay him but all of the money in her purse has suddenly vanished. Hmm.. who could it be? My first guess was Paige, but as it turns out it appears to be Lux. At dinner with Jones, Lux goes to talk to the other guys from school and tells them she wants in on the blue book and lays down a fat wad of cash in exchange. When Lux gets home Cate confronts her about the missing cash, Lux denies it and gets upset that they would assume it was her.

Baze’s first day of work started off bad but gets much better after he gets Cate to agree to have Ryan and Kelly appear at a charity golf event for the company. One of the client’s is a big fan of Cate, Ryan, and Kelly so Baze scores big. The client even asks Baze to come to the event which irks Emma.

The next day at the golf tournament, Paige shows up and gives Baze $300. Uh-oh! It looks like it was actually Paige that stole the cash. Cate, meanwhile, accidentally hits Kelly with a golf ball and Kelly throws a big fit and drops out of the tournament. In order to save Baze’s job Cate joins the celebrity tournament. But this is all just peanuts compared to the drama yet to come. Ryan and Cate get into an argument on the course about Paige stealing the money. Baze overhears and tells them about Paige giving him the $300 which then leads to an entire blow out over Baze sleeping with Paige. All of this happens in front of the firm’s new client who decides he’s going to wrap up his game early because of the drama. Afterward, Baze talks to the client and explains himself a bit more and that he won’t be the one managing his money.

Lux gets caught cheating on her test along with the other guys in class. Baze and Cate have to come in for a meeting with Math about her cheating. Lux tells them she’s trying to be the kid they want her to be but it’s just not working. Later, Math talks to Lux and tells her that he thinks she’s upset because she’s not the kid she wants to be.

Paige moves out of Ryan and Cate’s and moves in with Baze. She’s not technically moving in with him, she’s renting a room from him. Lux comes by and tells Baze that she wants him to teach her out play basketball like he tried to do earlier in the episode.

The next day at the office Emma tells Baze that the new client signed and actually really liked him because of how honest he was. Emma finally gives Baze a break and tells him that maybe she was, maybe he has a more likeable personality than she thought.

Lux apologizes to Jones for lying to him and only going out with him in order to cheat on the test. He tells her that he still wants more with her, Lux tells him maybe. But just when you think these two may finally make a cute couple, Lux finds out that Mr. Daniels is going to start tutoring her. And, I think we know where that’s going to lead to.

The episode ends with Ryan and Cate giving Baze the $10,000 that Paige owes him and then all of them playing basketball together with Lux… girls vs boys. Ryan and Baze on the same team for once, what do ya know!