LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 2 Parents Unemployed Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

This week, Baze is still dealing with the aftermath of last week’s fire that left his bar in shambles, Cate is still reeling from being fired from the radio station, and Lux is trying to hook up with her teacher, again.


This week, Baze is still dealing with the aftermath of last week’s fire that left his bar in shambles, Cate is still reeling from being fired from the radio station, and Lux is trying to hook up with her teacher, again.

Baze stops by Cate and Ryan’s to pick up Lux for school. Paige, Ryan’s sister and the girl who burnt down Baze’s bar, is still living with Cate and Ryan but fortunately they don’t cross paths, yet. Lux is dressed in a sexy black dress, which at most schools would not be allowed but apparently they are more lax in Portland. She is hoping to catch Mr. Daniels’ eye, aka the bar guy from last week that turned out to be her new teacher.

Kate meets with her agent to discuss all the job offers she’s getting, or lack thereof. They are interested in her in Seattle and San Diego, and she has an offer on the table in Portland but it’s for the 2am-6am timeslot which she absolutely doesn’t want. Then the agent suggests something that really makes Cate mad. The radio station that just fired her wants her as the producer of the show. It’d be less money and not be on-air. It turns out that Ryan is the one that pushed for Cate to get the job which really pisses her off.

After lunch with her agent, Cate has to go to Lux’s school with Baze to meet with the principal. Apparently Lux is failing and they want to move her to another school if she doesn’t start doing better. She has to get an A on her next English test in order to get a C overall. The principal then asks Cate and Baze to speak at Lux’s “career day” tomorrow since they are both so successful. If only she knew the truth. Baze starts to tell her that they are both unemployed but Cate cuts him off and agrees to it.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Baze rushes from the school to a job interview with his dad’s company. He’s already late to the interview and then talks on his cell phone in the elevator about how crazy Paige (“fire girl”) was in bed. Of course, the woman he’s interviewing with is on the elevator as well and overhears everything. This leads to an awkward start to the interview and Baze never really recovers. Emma, the woman who is interviewing him, seems to have it out for him from the get-go though and then to make things worse Baze tries to use the “my dad owns this company” card. He doesn’t get the job, go figure.

Mr. Daniels doesn’t have a place to live yet so he looks at moving to Baze’s loft, but as he’s looking at it he runs into Lux and things get awkward. He says he’ll think about it and then rushes off. Lux chases after him and tells him that she felt something that night between then, he says it should have never happened and that he could get in so much trouble and then tells her that he didn’t feel anything. He’s 23, she’s 16. In real life this would be so wrong, but since it’s on TV I have to admit I’m kind of rooting for these two. Anyone else feel the same or am I on my own on this one?

The next morning, Baze talks to his insurance company and finds out that they will only be covering the structural damages, but nothing inside because that would be covered under renter’s insurance which Baze hasn’t been paying. Now he’s really hurting for money and a job, so he goes to Emma’s gym to try to convince her that he’s serious about wanting the job. It backfires on him and she tells him that she knows the type of person she wants to fill the position and it’s not him.

That night Cate goes crazy cleaning the house and then she goes off on Ryan when he gets home from work. She says he didn’t fight for her, he says he did, but she says clearly not hard enough. I definitely see where Cate’s coming from. I still don’t understand why he didn’t talk to her first before just going along with the “Ryan and Kelly Show” idea. It seems like that should have been something to discuss with his wife and co-host. If I were her I think I’d be most pissed off about that.

Cate goes to Lux’s career day and starts off bombing but luckily Ryan comes and saves the day. At first I want to hit Ryan because once again it seems like he’s making Cate look bad but then he starts talking to the audience about how he and Cate got started in radio. In the process he reminds Cate that although she may not have loved every job she had, she always learned from them and grew because of them. In other words, Ryan is trying to nudge Cate to take the producer job because just like in past jobs she can better herself through it and like always she’ll end up coming out on top. After the speech, Cate and Ryan have a talk and he tells her that he was sad that Lux never asked him to do a career day speech. He says he wants to feel like she’s his kid too. I sort of feel bad for Ryan but then again in the back of my head I’m still wondering what that sneaky phone call last week was all about. He tells Cate that he didn’t quit the radio station because he didn’t know where that would take them and Lux, but he says he still wants to work with her.

Eric, aka Mr. Daniels, decides not to move into Baze’s loft afterall which makes Lux think he does like her. She chases him down during “career day” and confronts him but there are people around so they go to the gym where no one is at. She tells him that she didn’t want to tell him that she was only 16 because she knew it would ruin everything and she really did feel something between them that night that she thought was real. He puts his hand on hers and tells her it was real. Just as things are getting good Baze opens the gym door and Lux and Eric have to pretend they’re not falling in love. They act like Eric was quizzing Lux on her English test instead. Eric apologizes to Baze for not taking the loft and then leaves. Baze asks Lux what’s wrong, she tells him that she’s worried she’s going to fail the test. He reminds her that she comes from failures, but that he’s willing to do anything it takes to help her pass the test.

Lux goes to Baze’s to study for her test that night and spots Math’s briefcase. She goes through his briefcase and finds the answer sheet to her test and snaps pics of it and then puts it back quickly like nothing happened. She ends up getting an A/95% score on her test and Cate and Ryan celebrate. Bad girl, Lux!

Baze goes back to Emma’s gym for a second time trying to land the job at his dad’s company. This time he shows up in a suit and tie and pleads his case that he’s worked hard and is determined to get this job. She finally agrees to give him a chance and gives him the job. Yay! Cate also has good news, she accepted the producer job for the “Ryan and Kelly Show”. It’s far from ideal but at least it’s her foot back in the door.

Wrap-up time: Baze and Cate are no longer unemployed bums, though neither landed a job they are happy with. And, Lux may or may not be dating her teacher but I am ultimately hoping they do.