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LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 Episode 1 Ocean Uncharted Recap

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

Last season on Life Unexpected we watched as Baze stormed in on Cate and Ryan’s wedding to tell her that he loves her, but he was too late. Will he come between her and Ryan’s marriage this season?


Last season on Life Unexpected we watched as Baze stormed in on Cate and Ryan’s wedding to tell her that he loves her, but he was too late. Will he come between her and Ryan’s marriage this season?

Cate and Ryan have just returned home from their honeymoon. Lux leaves for Bug’s house giving the newlyweds some more alone time. Just as things are getting steamy, the phone rings and it’s the radio station. They have to come in for a meeting right away. When they get there the station hits them with the news that there is going to be a new co-host added to their show. The new co-host, Kelly, writes books like “You CAN’T Have It All” and is a ‘born again’ virgin. In other words, the bitch is crazy!

Baze shows up unexpected at Ryan and Cate’s, which of course goes over well with Ryan. Cate tells Baze to leave but agrees to meet him at a park later to talk. Later at the park, Baze tells Cate that he loves her, she tells him ‘screw you’ and says he can’t fix things between them ever because they are broken.

Meanwhile, Lux goes to Bug’s place and gets a big surprise, and so do we. Bug gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Lux is totally stunned and speechless, and not in a good way. But, she mumbles yes to him and puts on a happy face but it’s totally obvious that she’s not happy. After the proposal, Lux goes to the bar to see Baze but ends up by herself at the bar. Some new guy walks in and pretty much begs for Lux to serve him a beer. She goes ahead and serves him even though she thinks he has a fake ID, but then again she is 16 serving alcohol so who is she to question anything. She ends up having a long conversation with this new guy and telling him about Bug proposing. She says she doesn’t think she’s ready for that because there’s so many things she hasn’t done, like see the ocean. So, he offers to take her to the ocean… that night. And, she goes with him! About half way there they end up running out of gas. They just coincidentally run out of gas in front of a billboard with a picture of the ocean. They climb up to the billboard and pretend they’re at the beach looking at the ocean. They have been kind of flirty with each other night so it’s no surprise when he leans in for a kiss, but what’s surprising is that Lux seems to really be enjoying it.

Britt Robertson Lux

Photo : CW

That night Baze ends up hooking up with bartender, Paige, who turns out to be Ryan’s sister. The next morning as she’s leaving she throws a cigarette in the trash which sets the entire bar on fire. Did she do this on purpose? I think that’s fairly safe to say she did. Ryan probably put her up to it. Baze wakes up to the bar being ablaze and rushes the roommates out. He calls Cate at the radio station but she’s on-air for the first show with Kelly so she ignores his calls. He finally gets ahold of her a few minutes later and she tells him Lux was supposed to be staying with him last night. Baze hangs up and runs back into the burning building to search for Lux. Flash forward hours later and Baze is in the hospital with smoke inhalation. Lux finally shows up, Cate is there already and yells at her for lying about where she was staying. She lies again saying she slept at Bug’s place. Bug shows up at the hospital later being the good boyfriend, err, fiancé. Lux tells him that she said yes because she didn’t know how to say no. She says it’s just not normal for a 16-year-old to have to make that decision. Bug asks her what makes her think she’s ever going to be normal. Ouch! When is she going to dump him? I’m so done with Bug. She needs to move on. Anyone else with me?

Cate goes back to the radio station after the hospital and the station manager tells her that she’s fired. Yes, fired. They are going to make it the ‘Ryan and Kelly Show’ now. Cate can’t believe it and Ryan does nothing to stand up for her. What is really odd though is later Ryan tells “Julia” on the phone that the wedding went fine and Cate “never knew anything was wrong.” I’m a bit confused as to what it means but there is definitely something very sneaky going on with Ryan and his sister Paige.

Baze’s dad tours the burnt remains of the bar and Baze tells him that he wants to rebuild the bar from the ground up and fix all the broken things in his life – aka his relationships with Lux and Cate. His dad actually seems to be proud of him for once.

The premiere ends with two more shockers. Paige shows up at Cate and Ryan’s door and moves her stuff right in. And, Lux finds out that the guy she met at the bar and then kissed is a new teacher at her school. What! Is there something wrong with me that I think it’d be awesome if they ended up secretly dating? She’s 16 and he seems fresh out of college. He’d be better than Bug, period.

That’s all for the second season premiere of Life Unexpected. What do you think Ryan and Paige are up to? Do you think Lux should stay with Bug or are you hoping for the teacher hookup too? Do you think Cate and Baze will finally get back together this season? Tell me everything that’s on your mind!

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