Life On Mars Recasting And Reshooting The Pilot?

Life On Mars Cast Photo

Life On Mars Cast – Photo : ABC

Source: LA Times

DAVID E. KELLEY, the prolific writer-producer behind such era-encapsulating hits as "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice," wrote the script for the pilot to Life On Mars a new time-traveling cop drama from ABC. It's based on the BBC show of the same name, which already has a cult following over here due to its run on BBC America.

So, given its rarefied status plus the Kelley pedigree, "Life on Mars" instantly looked like a must-watch for any viewer's fall TV list. And it may prove to be a great show. But with its premiere still months away, the series has already suffered an exceptionally bumpy ride into the future, even by the Alice-in-Wonderland standards of television program development.

The network and producers are talking about tossing out the pilot and starting over. Or not; maybe they'll just tweak a few details. Some of the actors might get canned. Not necessarily, though. One thing we know for sure: Over the last few days, the decision was made to move the series out of Los Angeles — in both its setting and its production — to shoot on location in New York City, giving it a very different look.

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