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Lie To Me Cast Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FOX

Let’s be clear about one thing – FOX’s newest dramatic offering, Lie to Me, is not trying to re-invent the wheel; they are just trying to take the wheel in a different direction.  Tim Roth stars as Dr. Cal Lightman, a man who can tell when someone is lying by the look on their face, their hand gestures, the tenseness of their body, etc.  He gives seminars and he has a team of experts that help him in his quest to sort out the liars from the truth-tellers.

Another in the long line of brilliant men surrounded by a team of experts as they try to solve problems, find murderers, clear the names of innocent people, etc, Tim Roth stands out because he’s not over the top with the snark (like Patrick Jane on The Mentalist), he’s not misanthropic (like House), he’s not pop-culturally up to date (Shawn Spencer, Psych); he’s just a man doing what he does best and with his British accent to boot!

In the first hour, Cal and team (featuring the always lovely Kelli Williams) try to help a teenager accused of murder and a congressman accused of some wrongdoings at a “gentlemen’s club.”  He also has a whip smart daughter (played, of course, by Danielle Panabaker; between her and her sister, she’s one of TV’s most consistently gone to whip smart daughters).  It’s a very intriguing concept, and to correspond with each episode, Paul Ekman (the man off of which Cal is based) will post online what was real and what was fake about each episode, so you, too, can learn how to read what your loved ones are saying without words!

I’ll continue to watch after the first episode, if only to determine what exactly my mother means when she says “yes, your hair looks fine like that” and looks me square in the eye!

The Lie To Me Series Premiere Kicks Off On FOX Wednesday, January 21st at 9:00PM EST.