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Does it feel to anyone else like it’s been forever since we had a new Leverage?  Because it does to me, which is why I think I enjoyed tonight’s season premiere so much.  I missed these characters, and their antics so very much.  When we last left the Leverage team, they had gotten back at the insurance company who let Nate’s son die, and agreed to go their separate ways.

The team is brought back together in a rather clever way in the beginning of tonight’s episode, and you can tell that they missed each other more than they’re all letting on!  When Nate happens upon a car crash that wasn’t so accidental, he reluctantly joins the team on one last caper.  Soon enough, Hardison has taken over Nate’s living room (in his new apartment over a bar; he’s not drinking any more, but he’s living over a bar) with the latest high tech video equipment, and they all feel right back at home, working together.

The show is light when it should be, and dark when it needs to be, and one of the most addictive series on TV.  Fans of season 1 will love what they’re doing in season 2.  If you haven’t watched before, now is as good a time as any to jump on the Leverage bandwagon!  


Premiere: Wednesday, July 15th on TNT  9/8c


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