Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

kourtney and khloe take miami

Last week, Scott’s hard partying became obvious to both Kim and Kourtney. This week, Scott takes it to the next level and becomes violent forcing Kim and Kourtney to flee their hotel suite. Will this be the final straw in Kourtney and Scott’s relationship?


Last week, Scott’s hard partying became obvious to both Kim and Kourtney. This week, Scott takes it to the next level and becomes violent forcing Kim and Kourtney to flee their hotel suite. Will this be the final straw in Kourtney and Scott’s relationship?

Scott had still not arrived home last week after once again staying out all night partying. It’s now the day after that incident and Kim and Kourtney go out on a friend’s yacht for the day. Scott was supposed to join them but he didn’t get home until 6am, so no yachting for him. Kim is sulking all day about her break-up with Reggie. We finally get some of the juicy deets as to why they broke up. Reggie couldn’t handle Kim’s high profile lifestyle and the constant paparazzi.

Kim and Kourtney head home to the Hotel Bentley suite. As soon as they walk in the door they notice the whole place reeks of weed. Kourtney hands off Mason to Kim and then confronts Scott in the bedroom, with the door closed. We hear Kourt ask him whether his friends were over smoking weed and then next thing we hear is things being thrown around and broken. Kim gets worried and asks Kourt what’s going on. Kourt runs out of the room and says they need to leave, so they rush out of there.

kourtney and khloe take miami

After they leave Scott goes in the bathroom and punches the mirror leaving a huge gash in his hand. Showing his true colors, again! The producer has to interrupt the filming to help Scott wrap his hand in a towel and call the paramedics. Scott goes to the hospital and spends the night there because he’s going to have to have surgery on his hand.

Kourt and Kim go back to the suite the next day and find the broken mirror and blood everywhere. It seriously does look a little like a crime scene. Someone call Dexter Morgan (Dexter on Showtime) to come check out the blood splatter.

Scott texts Kourt and apologizes. Kim tells Kourt that he needs to get professional help; he needs to go to rehab. I think rehab and some anger management classes would serve him well. Kourtney starts crying, she says she can’t be with him anymore and she can’t have Mason around him, he’s not the role model she wants her son to have. Scott calls Kourt a short time later and apologizes again. He says that he’s done drinking and realizes that he needs to get his life together. Kourt tells him that she can’t be with him anymore and he can’t be around Mason either. He asks if he can at least say goodbye to Mason but she refuses. Way to go, Kourt!

Kim needs to some away time from the Kourt and Scott drama, so she goes to see her friend Jonathan Cheban, who was on last week’s episode as well.  Kim is worried that she won’t find anyone that will be able to handle her lifestyle. She says she had a vision of being married and having one kid with another on the way by the time she was 30. She turns 30 on October 21st, so it’s not looking like she’s going to be at all close to achieving her dream. Jonathan snaps her back to reality and opens her eyes to how amazing her life is. I understand she had this vision for how she wanted her personal life to be, but really how can she complain when she has this incredible lifestyle. For instance, Maserati flies one of their latest cars to Miami solely for Kim. Not many people get that kind of treatment, so I wouldn’t complain.

Scott calls Kourt again and tells her that he’s having surgery and would like to have her by his side. She’s not sure, but tells him that she and Mason might come after the surgery. The surgery ends up going fine. In fact, Scott is feeling so well afterward that he’s making jokes to the nurse about being happy he still can use his left-hand for masturbating. TMI! When Kourt and Mason go to leave to see Scott, Kim tells Kourt she thinks it’s a horrible idea and only going to reinforce to Scott that he can keep behaving this way and getting away with it. Kourt decides to go anyway but Kim says she’s going too. They drive to the hospital and park but Kim starts arguing with Kourt again about going to see Scott. After drilling it in her head some more, Kourt finally gives in and they drive away without seeing Scott. Kim, you rock!

Scott calls Kourt after leaving the hospital and tells her that she’s not there for him and he needs her to be. She tells him she’s trying, he tells her to try harder and then hangs up on her. Clearly, he has changed.

Kim decides she’s had enough drama and is ready to head back to LA. Khloe will be coming back to Miami to keep Kourtney in check. I love how they pretend this just worked out perfectly. It seems kind of obvious that E! didn’t want to pay all three to be on at the same time, so they had to split it up this way. Oh well, it made for a good storyline and I enjoyed Kim being on. I like her more than I thought I did.

Next week, momma Kris comes to bitch out Scott for being such a douche of a father but she seems to only make the situation worse. Can’t wait!