Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

After Khloe’s sudden departure from Miami last week, Kim comes to Miami to help Kourtney out with Mason and the Dash store. The only problem is that Kim brings more drama to the table.


After Khloe’s sudden departure from Miami last week, Kim comes to Miami to help Kourtney out with Mason and the Dash store. The only problem is that Kim brings more drama to the table.

Kim arrives to the apartment just in time to find Kourtney and Scott doing the dirty on the balcony. Can you blame these two? With Khloe gone these two finally have their space again.

Kourtney says that she misses the old bond between her and Kim. With them only being a year apart, they were inseparable growing up. We then take a trip down memory lane watching some of Kourtney and Kim’s home videos of them as kids. It’s time for some sisterly bonding and the first thing on the list is: boy talk. Kim confesses to Kourt that she and Reggie Bush broke up and that it’s final this time. She says they didn’t fight, they both just realized they were living two totally different lives.

Kim and Kourtney go to the Dash store and there are hordes of fans and paparazzi. Who knew Kim attracted such a crowd. While at the store Kim holds Mason and he spits all over her. The disgusted look on her face is priceless. Afterward the two head to lunch where Kim proceeds to ignore everything Kourt says while she texts away on her Blackberry. Kourt eventually gets mad and takes Kim’s phone away for the rest of lunch.

Back at the apartment, Kourt is still pissed that all Kim is doing while in Miami is texting and emailing on her phone. So, Kourt calls her mom, Kris, to get her advice on what to do. Kris tells her that she’ll handle Kim’s business stuff, so she suggests hiding Kim’s phone. When Kim takes a shower Kourt sneaks into her room, takes her Blackberry and laptop and hides them in her car. Kim immediately goes to check her phone after her shower and finds it missing. Kourt tells her that this is the start of 48 hours without her phone or computer. Of course, Kim goes into crazy mode frantically searching for it under beds and in every drawer in the apartment. I would imagine this is what Lindsay Lohan looks like in rehab. Kim even calls Kris to tell on Kourt and asks for her to ship a new phone, but Kris refuses telling her that she won’t be her enabler. Let’s hope Dina Lohan was watching.

The next morning, Kim and Kourt have a relaxing, phone-free spa session together. While getting their pedicures they reminisce about their childhood and how perfect it was. Kim admits that she’s actually enjoying the time without her phone.

Kim goes to the Dash store to check on things and finds out that Katy, one of the Dash girls, isn’t there. One of the other Dash girls blabs to Kim that she went to a doctor’s appointment to find out if she has the herp. Katy is going to be pissed that everyone knows her business now. She later finds out it was just an in-grown hair. Whew!

Later, Kim heads to the gym and it finally dawns on her that the car is the only place she didn’t check for her phone and laptop. She finds it and it immediately brings a smile to her face. When she comes back from the gym she flaunts her find in front of Kourt. They go to lunch and Kim goes back to her constant texting and emailing again ignoring everything Kourt tries to tell her. Kourt finally gets so mad that she just gets up and leaves Kim at the restaurant. Kim doesn’t even notice for a few minutes that Kourt is gone.

They finally meet up again at Dash later where Kim confronts Kourt. Kourt gives Kim some of her own medicine by pretending to text and ignoring her. Kourt tells Kim that she’s done trying. Meanwhile, another fight is brewing with the Dash girls who are into it over Katy’s doctor visit becoming everyone’s business. Kim and Kourt calm the girls down and all is well again at Dash. For now.

Back at the apartment, Kim apologizes to Kourt and surprises her with a ride on a seaplane. Kourt mentioned earlier in the episode how she’d love to go on a seaplane sometime. The episode ends with the two doing some sisterly bonding with no cell phones while enjoying the sights of Miami.

Next week, Kim is still in Miami covering for Khloe while she’s off pouting in LA. Kim and Kourtney get into a big fight when Kim calls out Scott for partying hard. Will Kourtney finally open her eyes and leave Scott?