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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

This week on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Khloe is obsessed on sociopaths and whether Scott is one. Scott, meanwhile, gets himself in some trouble by inviting the Dash employees to his nightclub opening despite Kourtney telling him not to.


This week on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Khloe is obsessed on sociopaths and whether Scott is one. Scott, meanwhile, gets himself in some trouble by inviting the Dash employees to his nightclub opening despite Kourtney telling him not to.

Miami’s police chief pays a visit to Khloe After Dark to talk about sociopaths. Khloe has an odd obsession with sociopaths and decides she wants to interview one face-to-face. The show’s legal team isn’t about to let that happen as they say it’s too much of a ‘liability’ but instead they arrange for Khloe to interview a forensic expert who not only has interviewed hundreds of sociopaths but also owns sociopath John Wayne Gacy’s brain. Eww! The catch is that Khloe must travel to Chicago to interview the expert. She agrees to go, Kourtney and Mason will be tagging along as well.

Before Kourt jets off to Chicago, Scott gives her a tour of his new restaurant/nightclub Mia before the soft opening. Kourt will be in Chicago when the soft opening happens. Scott tells her they could really use some hot females to come to Mia for the soft opening and asks if the Dash girls can come by. Kourt doesn’t like mixing her personal life with business so she tells him no. He agrees to respect that. But, will he actually?

As K+K jet off to the Windy City, Scott’s friends from NYC jet in to Miami. The guys get the party started at Scott/Kourtney/Khloe’s suite. It doesn’t take long before Scott is smashed and pouring drinks in random strangers’ mouths on the balconies below. Scott’s friends want to see the Miami Dash store aka they want to see what hot girls are working there, so Scott takes them there and the guys take it upon themselves to invite the Dash girls to the Mia opening. The girls figure Kourtney knows about this and don’t want to let her down, so they tell the guys they will go.

In Chicago, Khloe visits with the forensic expert to chat about what makes a sociopath and, of course, she links it all back to Scott again. Savvy? Check. Manipulative? Check. Well-Dressed? Check. Well, she may have some valid points afterall. The expert then shows Khloe John Wayne Gacy’s brain, err, pieces of his brain at least. Looks like hamburger, yummy! Afterward, she and Kourt take in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile’s shopping and restaurants.

Back in Miami, it’s just hours before Mia’s soft opening, Scott and his buddies are getting their pre-game on at the suite. Then the Dash girls show up. Kourt is going to be pissed! And, Scott knows that but doesn’t know what to do, so he does nothing. After some pre-partying Scott, his friends, and the Dash girls head to Mia for the opening.

Many, many drinks later Scott is clearly drunk and getting out of hand. He pressures one of his friends to kiss one of the Dash girls, and the friend does. Someone then asks whether the two exchanged numbers and Scott says she gave his friend her business card and it said ‘hooker’ on it. What! The Dash girl is upset and goes to the bathroom to cry. Sometime later Scott comes to the bathroom to apologize to her. You know this is going to get back to Kourtney and she’s going to be furious.

The next day, K+K return from Chicago just in time for the shit to hit the fan. They arrive back at the suite to find the place trashed. They head to Dash next and when they walk in the Dash girls are looking at pics from the night before at Mia. They tell Kourt and Khloe about going to the opening and Scott calling the one girl a hooker. Kourt and Khloe are both pissed that the girls not only went to the opening but then Scott calling their employee a hooker. That night Kourt confronts Scott at the suite, she asks if he has anything to tell her about the night before and he doesn’t say anything. She yells at him, telling him omitting information and just not telling her is lying too. She continues on and on ranting and raving, Scott sits there and takes it, as he should. He admits that she makes some good points.

The next day, Khloe stirs up the drama again at a Quicktrim shoot where Kourtney, Khloe and Scott are working. Khloe starts calling Scott a sociopath in front of his boss. Khloe says if Scott is going to screw with her business, she will screw with his back. Scott thanks her later for causing drama in front of his boss. Later, Scott and Khloe continue their fighting at the suite, now it’s turned into a full blown screaming match though. Khloe keeps pushing Scott’s buttons calling him a sociopath. He tells her that if he is a sociopath and capable of murder it’s probably not a good idea to push him. Khloe knows he’s not a sociopath but just likes to get him worked up.

Next week, Scott kills Khloe. Just kidding. Instead, Khloe turns her anger toward her brother Rob, who moves in with her and Lamar in LA. She gets frustrated when Rob and Lamar play video games all day, leaving her with no alone time with her hubby.

Whose side are you on this week: Scott or Khloe?

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