Egan McShane Kings
Photo: NBC. All Rights Reserved.

NBC premieres their latest grand scale drama on Sunday night with KINGS.  The story of a young man named David who, while at war with a neighboring country, stands up to the enemy and saves the King’s son Jack.  Before he knows it, he’s found himself thrown into the King’s court, in way over his head, and unsure of what direction he should go.  All the while, he falls in love with the King’s daughter, and finds himself a little at odds with the King’s son.

This show has so much going for it.  Ian McShane, the brilliant man behind Deadwood’s famous foul-mouthed Al Swearingen, is BRILLIANT as King Silas.  He’s calculating, cold, and dangerous, but at the same time, he’s filled with pride, honor, and love for his family.  Susanna Thompson is great as the Queen, aka the power behind the man.  Of the King’s other family members, Sebastian Stan (Carter from Gossip Girl) stands out as incredible playing Jack.  And Chris Egan, he of the blond hair, strong jaw, gorgeous eyes, should be this season’s breakout star.  

That is, if people watch the show.  If people don’t find themselves turning the channel because the show has a slow, simmering build that doesn’t bode well for a long life.  Don’t get me wrong. The show is well done, and having met the cast, having seen the set, I’m excited to see what happens. I’m just saying that it took me four hours to be as excited as I am, and in this “watch once and decide” world of TV, the show could face a tough uphill climb.

Check out the show, form your judgment, but do your best to give it some time, and I think you’ll be in agreement that given enough leeway, it’s a show worth watching each week!


The Kings Series Premiere Airs On NBC Sunday, March 15th at 8:00PM EST.