KILLJOYS Season 5 Scoop: Interviews From The Set with Kelly McCormack, Patrick Garrow, Thom Allison, Gavin Fox, Sean Baek, Tamsen McDonough

For four seasons, KILLJOYS offered viewers a weekly thrill-rush tracking down criminals and fugitives on the run as the series slowly morphed into a television show delving deep into the identity and existence of its hero Yalena Yardeen — aka Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen). Then entered the show’s greatest foe and nemesis, the Lady (Alanna Bale) with her diabolical plan to reshape each characters’ reality by changing their identities as well as their relationships with each other, leaving fans and viewers with their jaws on the floor in surprise and shock as the Season 4 finale revealed all our heroes’ twisted fates in its final moments.

To say that Season 5 has been eagerly anticipated is an understatement. The big questions are: just how will Dutch, Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) along with their friends and colleagues Pree (Thom Allison), Zeph (Kelly McCormack), Turin (Patrick Garrow), Gared (Gavin Fox) and Khlyen (Rob Stewart) extract themselves from a bizzaro-world that they are completely unaware of? What happened to Aneela [Dutch’s twin/mother/creator] after she sacrificed herself in the green abyss? Will Jaq [D’Avin and Aneela’s son] continue to be safe or is his fate also intertwined in the Lady’s master plan? And will Lucy (Tamsen McDonough), the A.I. entity running the Killjoys’ ship, find a way to remind them all of their true selves in time to stop the Lady’s false reality from consuming them all?

The biggest clue was when the Lady herself said in the Season 4 finale: “Memories aren’t just where you’ve been, they’re who you are — and if I own that, I own you — and now that I’m out, I’ll run everything.”

In order to get a few more clues on what is coming in Season 5, we visited the set of KILLJOYS last summer and joined in a press Q&A to get some answers:

Kelly McCormack and Patrick Garrow interview:
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Kelly and Patrick talk about — in spite of the Lady’s mind-wipe may have changed their characters’ looks, wardrobe and circumstances — their characters are still true to their core skills and education, which puts them on a similar path even with new identities. They also reflect on what they loved about portraying their characters in KILLJOYS and what they will miss about working on the show and getting to play Zeph and Turin. Kelly and Patrick both similarly loved how this new season as the characters start to reconnect, all the “meet-cutes” that they have; like Zeph cannot but somehow irrevocably drawn to Dutch, all the while still not remembering that they know each other.

Thom Allison and Gavin Fox interview:
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Thom and Gavin talk about how the love-connection between Pree and Gared still exists, even after their characters mind-wipe, and how their personal chemistry on-screen is what continues to make working on KILLJOYS one of the best working experiences they have had in their careers. In this world, no matter what the circumstances, as Thom gleefully noted: “Against all odds, [Pree and Gavin] still find each other . . . true love is still there after the mind-wipe.” They appreciate the fact that their characters are shown to be a version of themselves because they genuinely are in love and how that rich love is explored. They also laughingly recount some of their favorite lines and scenes working one the show and how they credit Michelle Loretta for creating a dream world so fun to play in.

Sean Baek and Tamsen McDonough interview:
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Sean and Tamsen talk about the incredible character arcs that Fancy and Lucy have taken over the course of the five seasons, and how the mind-wipe does and does not affect their characters. They also give a fantastic shout-out to the KILLJOYS fans who have made their social media interactions the best they have ever experienced — how that communal yearning for a better world has made interacting with the fans a wonderful experience. Sean also appreciates how social media provides a lens by which he can constantly study both character and human psyche. He also is grateful that through both his life on-set and through social media, KILLJOYS has given them a “family” that has enriched their lives.

Rob Stewart and Alanna Bale interview:

Rob talks about the challenge of portraying a character that was seemingly killed off and then got to return in a surprising way.  While Alana talks about the tricky part of joining a long running series and how she has become a fan of the show now that she has had a chance to watch it.  Rob also confesses that he is a fan of the show and loves watching it as a fan. He feels like the show has done something that most shows never get to do — it has gotten exponentially better with each season. Rob and Alanna also reflect on how the secret to portraying a villain is finding the love-motivation that drives them.  Villains are not all about hate and fear, sometimes, they are driven to do what they do out of love.  

On that final loving note, to see how Season 5 reintroduces all our favorite characters and how long it takes for them to be irrevocably drawn back into each other’s orbit, be sure to tune in for the premiere on Friday, July 19 on both Syfy (for U.S. audiences) and Space Channel (for Canadian audiences) — and no matter what crazy surprises are in store for the show’s final season, it is sure to be an exhilarating adventure.

KILLJOYS Season 5 trailer for Space:

KILLJOYS Season 5 trailer for Syfy: