KILLJOYS Season 3: Dissecting The Green Goo Enigma From A to Z

Everywhere you look in the Syfy drama series KILLJOYS, there is the mysterious green goo. Just what is it and what does it do? That is the secret behind everything. Simply, it is what is used to give average humans seemingly super hero qualities. It makes them nearly invincible — making them stronger and able to heal quickly from deadly injuries. For the Killjoy trio of Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and D’Avin (Luke MacFarlane), their fates are intertwined with the green goo. Everywhere they look, everywhere they turn, every person they know is all caught up in the mystery of the green goo — and they cannot escape it, no matter how hard they try. In an effort to explain what to know about the heroes and players surrounding the Killjoys, here is a handy cheat sheet from A to Z:

A is for Aneela. Aneela is Khlyen’s daughter, who looks identical to Dutch. Aneela became infected by the green goo (aka green plasma) and she is obsessed with creating more people like her — humans that genetically bond with the green plasma, who are known as the Hullen. (A is also for Alvis (portrayed by Morgan Kelly), who is a Scarback that Dutch befriends and who is her sometime lover. A is also for Arkyn, which is one of the 3 moons of Qresh, which houses the facility that Aneela established to create more Hullen. It is also the facility that Khlyen (portrayed by Rob Stewart) took D’Avin to at the end of Season 1 and then helped D’Avin escape from in Season 2.)

B is for Black Root. Black Root are the elite kill teams sent out to recruit or terminate as ordered by Red 17, a secret upper echelon level of the RAC. (B is also for Bellus (portrayed by Nora McLellan), who is the Killjoys broker that issues warrants to locate individuals sought by the RAC. B is for bio-dome, which is the dome that surrounded Old Town on Westerley in Season 2.)

C is for Clara. Clara (portrayed by Stephanie Leonidas) is a hack-mod, which is a person who has been fitted with cybernetic implants. In Clara’s case, she has two cybernetic arms, one which carries an awesome array of weaponry. Johnny helped Clara in the beginning of Season 2 and she repaid the favor at the end of Season 2 by helping Johnny escape the wrath of the Company after he killed one of the Nine.

D is for Dutch. Dutch is a Level 5 RAC agent (aka a Killjoy), who works with Johnny and D’Avin. Dutch is also known as Yalena, who grew up being trained by Khlyen as an assassin but who later fled from him and the deadly life he had planned for her. (D is also for D’Avin, the brother of Johnny Jacobis, who joins the Killjoy organization of the RAC in Season 1. D’Avin and Dutch had a romantic relationship in Season 1, but that ended abruptly when D’Avin’s covert military training prompted him to violently attack her. D’Avin subsequently was involved with a covert Level 6 RAC agent Sabine (portrayed by Tori Anderson). D is also for Delle Kendry (portrayed by Mayko Nguyen), who is one of the Nine families of Leith and who Johnny killed in retribution for the death of Pawter Simms (portrayed by Sarah Power) at the end of Season 2.)

E is for Eulogy, which is a criminal barter town that Johnny, Pree (Thom Allison) and Dutch visit and where they find Clara in the beginning of Season 2.

F is for Fancy Lee (Sean Baek), who is a Level 5 RAC agent, who later is taken to Arkyn and made into a Level 6 RAC agent when exposed to the green plasma.

G is for green plasma aka the green goo. The green plasma is a neuroparasite that infects its host and imbues them with super human strength and fast healing abilities. It can also allow hosts to swap their consciousness. It is used to create Level 6 RAC agents, Black Root officers and Hullen at the Red 17 facility on Arkyn.

H is for Hullen, which are humans that successfully bond with the green plasma.

I is for immunity. When Khlyen took D’Avin to Arkyn, he exposed D’Avin to the green plasma, but discontinued the process when he saw that D’Avin was immune to it. It is surmised that D’Avin developed some kind of immunity as a result of the medical experiments he was subject to while in the military.

J is for Johnny Jacobis. Johnny is Dutch’s RAC partner and brother of D’Avin. Johnny had been involved with Pawter Simms in Season 2 and was devastated by her death which drove him to kill Delle Kendry in retribution. Johnny is currently on the run from the Company and was last seen at the end of Season 2 stealing a Black Root spaceship with Clara.

K is for Khylen. Khlyen is the enigmatic mentor of Dutch who raised her to be an assassin. Khlyen is revealed to be a Level 6 agent and the father of Aneela. Black Root agents are searching the four corners of the Quad for Khlyen. (K is also for Killjoy, which is a RAC agent with license to kill in order to collect on a warrant.)

L is for Lucy, which is the spaceship that Dutch, Johnny and D’Avin live and work out of as RAC agents. Lucy is fitted with an artificial intelligence system that Johnny has named Lucy. (L is also for Leith, which is one of the three moons of Qresh where the Nine families live.)

M is for memory. D’Avin and Dutch both have chunks of memory-loss that suggest that they were subject to memory-blockers. In D’Avin’s case, he was subject to medical experiments while he served in the military. For Dutch, she cannot rely on her own memories as she cannot clearly recall how she came to be connected to Khlyen when she was a young child — especially since she looks exactly like Khlyen’s daughter Aneela.

N is for the Nine families of Qresh. The Nine reside on Leith. They are the only ones allowed to own land on Leith.

O is for Old Town. Old Town is located on Westerley, which is one of the 3 moons of Qresh.

P is for Pree. Pree is the owner of the Royale bar in Old Town, who has a murky past as a warlord. (P is also for Pawter Simms, who was doctor in Old Town that is revealed to be one of the Nine and who is killed in the Season 2 finale. Johnny goes rogue to avenge her death, separating him from Dutch and D’Avin when Season 3 begins.)

Q is for the Quad, which consists of one planet Qresh and 3 moons: Leith, Arkyn and Westerley.

R is for RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition). RAC agents are issued various level warrants allowing them to track down fugitives throughout the Quad. (R is also for Red 17, which is the green plasma program that Neela established on Arkyn to create Level 6 RAC agents and the Hellen. R is for the Royale Bar, owned by Pree in Old Town.)

S is for Scarbacks. The scarback monks believe that by experiencing pain that they are relieving the pain of others. An older theory is that the scarbacks would cut themselves to show they were not infected with the green plasma and would scar, and thus does not immediately heal, as a way of determining if they were still human. (S is also for Sabine, a Level 6/Black Root agent that D’Avin was romantically involved with and who was killed by Dutch in Season 2.)

T is for Turin. Turin (Patrick Garrow) is a RAC superior who brings Dutch, Johnny and D’Avin to task when they step out of line. It is later revealed that Turin is trying to figure out what is really going on with the Level 6’s, Red 17, Arkyn and Black Root and how they are using the RAC system for their own agenda.

U is for Utopia, which is a black-market spaceship.

V is for veiled. There are secrets upon secrets woven throughout KILLJOYS, such as: just who or what Dutch is? What really happened to D’Avin that makes him immune to the green plasma? Why does Khlyen’s daughter Aneela look identical to Dutch? There is definitely a veil of secrecy that hides the truth that must be pierced to find out the answers.

W is for Westerley, which is one of the 3 moons of Qresh in the Quad. (W is also for warrant. The RAC issues warrants for criminals sought in the four corners of the Quad.)

X is for xenophobia, which is the irrational fear of people from other places. Throughout the Quad, there are sharp lines separating the different levels of class and citizenship. It is even more pronounced on Leith where the Nine rule.

Y is for Yalena. Dutch was raised under the name Yalena and grew up under Khlyen’s tutelage to be an assassin, but she ran from him after he killed her intended husband and took the name Dutch to evade his detection.

Z is for zealotry. Whether it is Aneela’s quest for more Hellen to create a master race or the RAC’s desire to keep control over the Hellen or even the Nine families’ pursuit of pure linage, there is a definite air of zealotry that pervades the entire Quad.

With an entire universe of entities, characters and dense verbiage, KILLJOYS employs a whole array of terms and names to keep track of. Hopefully, this reference cheat sheet helps as you watch and enjoy all new episodes as KILLJOYS returns for Season 3 on Friday, June 30th at 8:00 p.m. on Syfy.