Kevin McKidd Talks ‘Journeyman’

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NBC launches its new time traveling love story 'Journeyman' this coming Monday, September 24th following the season premiere of 'Heroes.' Chit Chat Gal got a chance to speak with Kevin McKidd, the star of the series, as well as Executive Producer and Creator Kevin Falls about the upcoming season. 

Most of us have more than one love in our lives, different parts of our lives, so can you talk about the complications of Dan (Kevin McKidd) having to go back and forth between his two different loves in different years? And then are there any repercussions because of that?

Kevin Falls:  Well, I think that’s the heart of the show and what does separate it from other shows that have done this is that he does love both women. I mean he really loves his wife and his son and his family and does not want to change it as much as he loves Livia because Livia was taken from him.

It wasn’t like a divorce or he got dumped or he dumped her. Their relationship ended at the apex of it. They were ready to get married so how could you not still have some feelings if you run into this person again.

So that is the very complication of the series is that, you know, a lot of – we talked to executives who work on the show and people who have seen the pilot and there’s Club Katies and there’s also Club Livias and we find people kind of like identifying with – and it changes week to week because the actresses are so strong.

And Moon is wonderful and they have a great chemistry in that pilot, but when you watch Gretchen in Episode 1 and what she does, you’ll see, oh man, there is – she’s great in the pilot, too, but you see this is really more her episode.

So – and it had to be – that was the hardest thing to do was to cast these two people because if that teeter-totter tips any way where you’re all just going to go well this is a no-brainer, you should be with this person. The show falls apart and I’m happy to say through five episodes it’s a toss up.

I got to see the show and I was really pleased to see that some intense personal relationships really play a big role, can talk about the importance of Dan and everybody in his life?

Kevin Falls: It’s a rectangle and certainly Dan has to balance not only his wife – his beautiful wife in the present, but he has this fiancé who died at the apex of their relationship and so he’s straddling these women – these two women that he loves in a very epic manner.

I guess you have a lot more to play than just like a sci-fi aspect, right?

Kevin McKidd: Yeah, that’s why I think the audience is going to connect with the show because it appeals to the sci-fi audience because we have all that intrigue and great plot twists and devices that we can use with the time travel element, but the thing that pins it down and gives it a sense of reality is the interpersonal relationships between these quite complex and very human and forward people. So I think that’s what attracted me to the project and hopefully that’s what will attract a great audience.

Do you think that it will bring in more of a female audience?

Kevin Falls: I think so and certainly I’ve seen how the show is going to be marketed. NBC is doing a beautiful job and you’re going to see some magazine spreads in the next couple of weeks that are really going to hit the triangle hard between Moon, Gretchen and Kevin. So yeah, we’re not going to shy away from it.

So Reed ( Jack Vasser) and Kevin, it’s uncanny how believable they are as brothers. I mean, just visually and physically.
Kevin McKidd: Yeah, it’s funny. I met Reed on the first day of prep and we instantly hit it off and he’s such a great guy. He really is like – I mean he looks more like my brother than my brother.

Kevin Falls:  Tell them the story about when Reed used to watch "Rome" and what his wife said.

Kevin McKidd: Reed told me on the first day that he used to watch "Rome" with his wife because they were fans of the show and Reed kind of sat up in bed one night and said, 'I’m going to play that guy’s brother one day. You watch.' And within a few months, I think, he had met Kevin and Alex for the show and that was it pretty much.

Is the power/affliction that Dan has something that we intentionally as an audience don’t understand how it works because he doesn’t understand how it works? How are you going to play?

Kevin Falls: We’re going to be like Dan. And I think that’s the strength of the first few shows is Dan trying to figure out what’s going on, coupled with the fact that he has no control of it. So in order for him to get back to the present, he has to finish a leg of his mission or the procedural, as we call it.

So we want him to be grasping for answers and ultimately as we get into the second part of the season we’ll address more of the bigger mythology of the show and really actually in the first 10 tell you why Livia is a time traveler and what her story is.

But as far as what is the power, that’s something we’re not going to reveal, certainly in the first part of the season.

And then do you really consider it a hero with a power or is it more like a guy who is having this weird circumstance that he’s having to deal with?

Kevin Falls: I think he’s a hero with an affliction. That’s what I always thought. I never thought – you didn’t look at it as a power at all.

Kevin McKidd: I think that what Kevin just said there, and I’m enjoying playing and again I think what people will like in the drama is that because we don’t – because Dan is always wondering why is this happening, but he is drawn each episode into somebody else’s life and he has to solve or find out or piece together what it is and use his instincts that become more tuned and adapt -adept at finding out what he needs to do.

And I think those stories are so potent, he, himself, as Dan Vasser, doesn’t quite at the time initially to look back, to keep going, what is this about, why is this happening, why is this happening because the missions that he’s put on are so immediate and there’s such a ticking clock in each one.

That’s what will carry the audience along with Dan is that, okay, this is a phenomenon that nobody know what’s going on, the audience doesn’t know what’s going on so they’re both have that same knowledge base. They’re both in it together.