Kathy Griffin My Life On The D List Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Kathy goes on a trip to Palm Springs this week to gather inspiration for her “Palm Springs Gay” theme she’s trying to achieve with her house renovation. We finally see the big house unveil at the end.


Kathy goes on a trip to Palm Springs this week to gather inspiration for her “Palm Springs Gay” theme she’s trying to achieve with her house renovation. We finally see the big house unveil at the end.

After touring for so long, Kathy is ready to just sit back and relax, so that’s just what she does at her rental house Casa Del Gay. Some things have been off at Casa Del Gay lately though, such as Kathy’s junk food keeps disappearing. After some investigating Kathy discovers it’s her assistant/roomie, Tom, who is stealing all her snacks. Tom has been going on middle of the night Ambien binges, eating everything from chips and crackers to bowls and bowls of cereal and jars of peanut butter. She and Tiffany videotape Tom on his binges over several nights and then show him the tapes and he remembers none of it.

Kathy and Tiffany are both worried about Tom so Kathy hires a psychotherapist to come to the house and evaluate Tom. So, the doc arrives and Tom sits down along with Kathy and Tiffany and they explain what has been going on with his food binges. Tom also has some other issues like pulling out his eye brows and eye lashes. The psychotherapist says these are all ways of him dealing with anxiety. She makes Tom put his hands under his butt while she talks to him because he keeps rubbing his brows. She suggests that Tom must be stressed at work and says he needs more “Tom time.” Can you imagine working for Kathy Griffin? Love the bitch but she’d stress anyone out.

Enough about Tom for now, time to move onto the house renovation which is finally coming to a close this week.  Kathy’s friend Lara is back to help design the interior of the house. Her and Kathy head off to Palm Springs to gather some inspiration for the theme that Kathy calls “Palm Springs Gay.” They check out some open houses around Palm Springs and get some great ideas. Everything is “gay and fabulous” as Kathy puts it. After gathering ideas they head to some vintage shops to score some actual items for the house. A guy offers Kathy a pretty good deal on some vintage furniture and artwork but she still can’t force herself to put up the money. The next morning at 6am Lara is back for another round of Palm Springs open houses and shopping but Kathy’s not about to crawl out of bed at 6am. Diva! She tells Lara to just finish the house and she’ll show up for the big unveil.

During one of Kathy’s nights in Palm Springs she has a show and then has to rush back home to LA because her dog, Chance, has died. Kathy is sincerely upset and bawls as she talks about what a good dog and buddy Chance was to her. A few days later, Kathy’s other dog, Pom Pom, is still mourning Chance being gone and has been getting mean with other dogs lately. Kathy calls a dog trainer to come help Pom Pom grieve and start to make friends with other dogs again. By the end of the episode, Kathy decides to adopt another dog for Pom Pom to be friends with. It’s a yellow lab named, Larry, who Kathy seems to think would be a door-to-door salesman in human form.

Back to Tom, Kathy and Tiffany organize some “Tom time” as the psychotherapist suggested. They are going to take Tom to a TGIFridays “flair-a-thon.” Don’t know what a “flair-a-thon” is? Apparently TGIFridays has a party where their employees compete for different flair badges to wear on their uniforms. Tom used to work at TGIFridays and loved these flair parties. They surprise him one night and take him to the party. None other than actor Brad Garrett shows up, he used to work at TGIFridays as well but had never been to a flair-a-thon. They split up into two teams and compete in games like “wobbly table,” “plate stacking,” and then TGIF trivia. Team ‘Brom’ (Brad and Tom) end up winning. All in all they have a blast and Tom enjoys his “Tom time.” Now maybe he’ll quit food bingeing and pulling out his brows and lashes.

After weeks in the making it’s finally time for Kathy’s renovated house to be unveiled. Kathy and her mom arrive at the house and Lara welcomes them in. Kathy absolutely loves the house! It has the celebrity home look that Kathy was going for along with the “Palm Springs Gay” theme she wanted. There’s a lot of whites blended with warm colors, vintage elements mixed with modern. Overall, it couldn’t get much better. Kathy loves it and I love it. Maggie just likes it though. I think she’s just disappointed her old bar area is gone. Someone get Mags some wine and she’ll love it.

Next week is the season finale and Kathy organizes a talent show for the old people that live in Maggie’s building. Some special guests, including Kristen Chenoweth, show up for what looks like a fun episode.