Kathy Griffin My Life On The D List Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Kathy heads to New York City this week to do her part for cancer awareness by doing what any classy celebrity would do, spreading her legs on national television for a pap smear.


Kathy heads to New York City this week to do her part for cancer awareness by doing what any classy celebrity would do, spreading her legs on national television for a pap smear.

Kathy’s controversial visit last week to DC is still the talk of many this week. After calling Scott Brown’s daughters “prostitutes” last week Kathy is catching hell this week from Scott Brown, Barney Frank, and Elizabeth (or Elizabitch, as I like to call her) from The View. What do you think is going to happen when you pimp out your daughters on the election trail? Get over it.

With Washington DC a thing of the past, Kathy continues her East Coast assault this time in the Big Apple. While there Kathy tries to sell loads of books, sell out her comedy shows, and oh yeah… plan a public pap smear. She decides that the best way she can raise awareness for cancer is to not just do a pap smear on national television, but take a step further and do it in public. I guess if she can handle the embarrassment of getting a pap smear done publicly then what excuse do women have for not getting it done in the privacy of their doctor’s office?

Before we jump to Kathy spreading her legs though, she takes care of some other business. She’s on a mission to sell more books than her lover’s (Levi Johnston) mother-in-law, Sarah Palin. At the moment she’s slacking, so it’s time to kick things into high gear and that’s just what she does. She organizes some last minute book signings and hustles to sell books there and at the same time harasses everyone to buy tickets to her comedy shows. She’s doing three shows in all and only one has sold out so far. After the book signings, Kathy still has some books left over, so she hits the streets to sell them there. In the end she sells out of the books and sells out all three of her shows. Well done, Kathy!

Finally, we move onto the real action of the episode which is probably why you’re still reading this. The on-camera public pap smear.  Kathy jets back to Los Angeles where she will do the pap smear poolside at the Palomar Hotel. Before she spreads awareness, and her legs, Kathy gets her vajayjay waxed and bedazzled – in a star shape no less. She also forces her male assistant to get waxed… down there. Ouch! Surprisingly, he kind of enjoyed it though. I don’t know if you can actually enjoy that, can you? She must be paying him well.

Anyway, ahead of the pap smear Kathy meets with cervical cancer survivors who are both happy to have Kathy raising awareness but also concerned about her doing it on TV. One has three kids, yet was told by her doctors that she wouldn’t be able to have any. How amazing is that?

Onto Kathy’s pap smear! Kathy lays back and seems to be completely unfazed by the big crowd that is watching her get this done. The doctor talks her through the entire thing and her assistant gives us the play-by-play as well since she obviously has to be covered up somewhat for the cameras. It’s a relatively quick procedure so she’s not laying there for all that long but it still takes a lot of guts to get up there and do that.

Kathy may cause controversy wherever and whatever she does, but you can’t deny that she helps bring positive change no matter what. Last week’s episode helped raise awareness for the DADT repeal and showed how ignorant and backwards some of our politicians are and this week Kathy brought positive awareness to cancer by being brave for millions of women and showing that a pap smear doesn’t have to be such a horrible and embarrassing thing.

Next week, Kathy gets back to her house construction. She heads to Palm Springs to get steal some design ideas.

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