KATE PLUS 8 Australia Sneak Peek Clip

TLC is bringing back all new episodes of KATE PLUS 8, with a premiere airing Monday, April 4 at 10/9c featuring another attempt by Kate and her kids to spend a night camping out. Will they actually be able to sleep outside in tents?

Travel to Australia with the Gosselins in this premiere episode, “Australia Adventure,” to explore beaches, Sydney and even the aboriginals. See Kate taken to an all new level when she has the opportunity to swim with sharks in the cold rough water.

21 hours in a plane, flying across the world and with a family of nine, the Gosselins take the longest flight they’ve ever taken. When it was time for the family to visit the Australia Zoo, the kids were able to hand-feed bananas to the elephants. Kate explains, “It was amazing, it was like a vacuum cleaner.”