JOURNEYMAN Season 1 Episode Guide

Journeyman Cast Photo

Episode 1 – Pilot – Original Air Date – 09/24/2007

From the executive producers of “The West Wing” comes “Journeyman” a romantic mystery-drama about Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd, “Rome”) a San Francisco newspaper reporter and family man who inexplicably begins to travel through time and change the course of people’s lives. Along the way, he must also deal with the difficulties and strife at work and home brought on by his sudden disappearances. His freewheeling travels through the decades reunite him with his long-lost fiancée Livia (Moon Bloodgood, “Day Break”) — which complicates his blissful, present-day life with his vivacious wife Katie (Gretchen Egolf, “Martial Law”) and son (Charles Henry Wyson, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Reed Diamond (“Homicide: Life on the Street”) stars as Jack, Dan’s cop brother who once dated Katie. Charles Henry Wyson and Brian Howe also star.

Episode 2 – Friendly Skies- Original Air Date – 10/01/2007

Dan (Kevin McKidd) finds himself wondering if he imagined his time traveling journeys and decides to get an MRI. Later, Dan and Katie (Gretchen Egolf) decide to take a romantic weekend getaway but their plans are interrupted when Dan disappears during the flight. Dan’s latest mission sends him back in time to help deliver a baby. Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond, Charles Henry Wyson and Brian Howe also star.

Episode 3 – Game Three – Original Air Date – 10/08/2007

Just as things heat up between Dan (Kevin McKidd) and Katie Vasser (Gretchen Egolf), Dan pulls one of his disappearing acts, traveling eighteen years into the past. This time, Dan goes back in time to warn the people of San Francisco about an imminent disaster as well as trying to save a man from a life of addiction and misery. Meanwhile, Katie has found out that Dan has deceived her and been in touch with his past love, Livia (Moon Bloodgood).

Episode 4 – The Year Of The Rabbit – Original Air Date – 10/15/2007

Katie (Gretchen Egolf) prepares for her big charity gala but is devastated when Dan (Kevin McKidd) goes missing. Dan’s latest mission takes him back to 1995 to help a young woman on a blind date. Livia (Moon Bloodgood) arrives to help Dan with his mission but she seems to have more questions about Dan and Katie’s relationship. Meanwhile, Katie decides to invite Jack (Reed Diamond) to be her date for the gala. Charles Henry Wyson and Brian Howe also star.

Episode 5 – The Legend Of Dylan McCleen – Original Air Date – 10/22/2007

During a family outing, Dan (Kevin McKidd) finds himself alone with Zack (Charles Henry Wyson) when he feels a strong headache coming on. Dan travels back in time and begins tracking an ex-army ranger who hijacked a huge sum of money for a good cause. On the home front, Katie (Gretchen Egolf) answers questions from the police after a robbery happens the night of her gala. Meanwhile, Dan entices Hugh (Brian Howe) with the prospect of getting a big break on a war story. Reed Diamond also stars.

Episode 6 – Keepers – Original Air Date – 10/29/2007

Dan’s (Kevin McKidd) latest journey sends him to help two brothers scarred by their father’s abuse. Jack (Reed Diamond) begins to suspect that Dan has fallen back into his old gambling habits. During a trip to the past, Dan and Livia (Moon Bloodgood) overhear an intimate conversation between Jack (Reed Diamond) and Katie (Gretchen Egolf). Meanwhile, Dan learns a lesson about brotherly love. Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.

Episode 7 – Double Down- Original Air Date – 11/05/2007

Much to Dan’s dislike, Katie (Gretchen Egolf) considers going back to work as a television journalist. Dan (Kevin McKidd) travels back in time to protect a witness from certain death. Livia (Moon Bloodgood) arrives just in time to save Dan’s future. Meanwhile, Jack (Reed Diamond) continues to investigate his brothers mysterious behavior. Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.

Episode 8 – Winterland – Original Air Date – 11/12/2007

JOHN SCHNIEDER (“Dukes of Hazzard”) GUEST STARS– Dan (Kevin McKidd) journeys back into the past to a “key party” where he meets a young hippie girl involed in a deadly crime. Katie (Gretchen Egolf) makes an interesting discovery about Livia’s (Moon Bloodgood) past. Dan and Jack (Reed Diamond) get into a fight over an investigation involving Dan. Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.

Episode 9 – Emily – Original Air Date – 11/19/2007

KIDNAPPING SOLVED-PART ONE OF SPECIAL TWO PART SERIES- RAPHAEL SBARGE (“24”) GUEST STARS –Dan (Kevin McKidd) travels back to the early 90’s where he seems to be tracking a serial kidnapper (guest star Raphael Sbarge). Katie (Gretchen Egolf) wonders what effects Dan’s disappearances are having on Zack (Charles Henry Wyson) when she is called into his school. Meanwhile, Jack (Reed Diamond) remains skeptical, but begins to see evidence that Dan might be telling the truth about his travels. Moon Bloodgood and Brian Howe also star.

Episode 10 – Blowback – Original Air Date – 11/26/2007

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND-EXCITING CONCLUSION OF TWO PART SERIES- RAPHAEL SBARGE (“24”) GUEST STARS—The dangerous kidnapper Aeden Bennett (guest star Raphael Sbarge) is back and Dan (Kevin McKidd) learns a difficult lesson about what happens when he goes off mission. Dan travels back to 1983 and discovers a young criminal in the making. Livia (Moon Bloodgood) continues to uncover secrets about her purpose in life. Meanwhile, Katie gets into a deadly predicament when the kidnapper seeks revenge. Reed Diamond, Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.