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Joss Whedon Directing Another ‘Office’ Episode

Joss Whedon Signs On To Direct Another 'Office' Episode

Just in from Michael Ausiello………..
Joss Whedon is directing another episode of The Office — and this one features something far scarier than an errant bat.

"I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about it, but I can say that… Jim kills Pam, which I thought was weird," Whedon says, tongue firmly planted cheek (I think). "I probably shouldn't have revealed that. It's gruesome, but not without a bit of wry humor. It's territory I'm familiar with and I'm excited about it."

All joking aside (again, I think he's joking), Whedon says his encore Office installment will either serve as this season's sixth or tenth episode. "It's Episode 10… but since the first four episodes are hour-long, it may actually be Episode 6.

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