Jamie Kaler MY BOYS Interview

Jamie Kaler My Boys Photo
Chit Chat Gal got a chance to talk with Jamie Kaler, the always hilarious Mike from TBS’s smash hit comedy series “My Boys.”

Chit Chat Gal : When you were hired to do “My Boys” how much backstory were you given on who Mike was, like why does he call his TV Frank?
Jamie Kaler : “First off, wow thank you so much for noticing the small stuff I think that is so great. It is funny how “Frank” came about. I was shooting that scene in the first part of the season and suddenly decided as I was exiting that I would improv a little so as I walked off and left the apartment and the scene I said ‘See you later Frank’. The writers thought it was fantastic and funny and decided to keep it in and use it again later.”

Chit Chat Gal : Can guys and girls just be friends – Can PJ and Mike be “just” friends?
Jamie Kaler : “Can Mike and PJ be “just” friends? gosh I hope not (laughing). But in all seriousness, honestly I think in the real world it is really hard to be friends with the opposite sex because there will be attraction felt by at least one of the people involved. I think if you are friends with someone for a really long time like these guys are you eventually only see your friend and nothing more so yeah it can work or if you date someone for a little while and then just feel the friend vibe than of course that works.”

Chit Chat Gal : How much of the dialogue is improvisation?
Jamie Kaler : “Actually not very much of the show is improvised. During the table read sometimes things just aren’t as funny as they hope so things are changed or we say something a little different and they add that in but for the most part the writers on this show are so amazing and have the ability to write all this witty banter and make it all seem so natural.”

Chit Chat Gal : Are they any interesting character things you can give us a little sneak peak about in regards to Mike this season?
Jamie Kaler : “This year Mike and Kenny are going to be working together and let’s just say it is going to be interesting. We both had a lot of fun with those scenes.”

Chit Chat Gal : How similar is Jamie in real life to Mike?
Jamie Kaler : “I always get these calls from my friends and they say gosh you are so Mike and do you actually act. I think we are so different but, I guess in reality it is acting a little and Mike is a lot like me with a little bit of an extra boost of Alpha Male Jackass.”

Chit Chat Gal : Will you actually be doing any filming in Chicago for this part of the season?
Jamie Kaler : “We all went out to Chicago a few days before we started shooting and did some sightseeing. Let me just say bars really shouldn’t be open past 2am because my liver was wanting to kill me for a week after I got back. So we were there for about a week and most of the finale is filmed in Chicago. We got to go to all these amazing places and film, like the Sears Tower it was an amazing trip. The rest of the filming we did will be peppered throughout the other episodes this season.”

Chit Chat Gal : Who is the funniest cast member ( other than yourself of course )?
Jamie Kaler : [Please direct quote me on this] “No one (laughing) the rest of the cast are all dramatic anchors that drag through the sea of comedy”…actually everyone on this show is so amazingly funny and fit their parts so well. Most of us are so much like our characters, it is great. Obviously Jim ( Gaffigan) is a comedy master and I think the person that really totally blows me away is Kyle Howard but really everyone is so funny.”

Chit Chat Gal : What is your favorite part about being on My Boys and playing Mike?
Jamie Kaler : “I have all of these new friends and we all really do hangout outside of work. We come early to read lines and end up staying late to just talk. I am really just the luckiest guy with the best job ever and it has changed my entire life. I always thought when they said that casts like on “Friends” had this lightning in a bottle chemistry that it was kind of crap but it is so true and we really have that. It is a joy to work here.”