Interview With James Roday And Dule Hill From Psych

Chit Chat Gal Spends Some Time With James Roday And Dule Hill From USA's Psych

Psych Dule Roday Picture

Chit Chat Gal: Good morning, gentlemen.

Dule Hill: Good morning.

Chit Chat Gal: Dule you were great on West Wing and you’re even more amazing on Psych. Do you prefer drama to comedy? And how hard was it for you to make that change into the new show?

Dule Hill: I like balancing it out personally. I mean, after doing seven years of the drama, to be able to do some comedy with expressions – I was tired of – not really tired of, but I didn’t want to go and do another show where I had to dig deep and, you know, deal with a lot of my personal issues of bringing stuff out.

Making the transition wasn’t that hard to me because most of the time I’m more of a lighthearted kind of person anyway. I like to crack jokes and have a good time. And this show is a blast. I mean, working with this cast is amazing.

So from day one I knew I was going to have a good time. From the cast itself to Steve, you know, writing the episodes and all that I’ve had a blast. So it was very easy.

Chit Chat Gal: On the Psych Outs that you guys have a lot of fun doing a little bit of improv and I’m sure you guys do a ton on the show throughout. So does the script change a lot because you guys are kind of adding your own stuff? And who is more into doing the improv?

Dule Hill: Oh, Roday is definitely more the improver. I kind of feed off of Roday. It’s kind of like I – it’s the kind of thing I think where I keep a ship going in the right direction, that way Roday can do all of his – everything he does, you know, what I mean?

James Roday: Yeah. We have a pretty good deal with our writers. I mean, they sort of get what we do on the show and appreciate it. And we sort of set boundaries and they know that as long as – you know, they’re pretty happy as long as we tell their story and make sure that we hit all the major points.

And they give us a lot of room to sort of have fun, keep things fresh and make it our own. You know, it’s definitely trial by fire. It’s not like all of my improvisation is gold. But I would say 90% of it is.

Chit Chat Gal: To this date what’s your favorite episode so far for each of you?

Dule Hill: For me it would be “American Duos.” I just really loved dressing up as Michael Jackson.

Chit Chat Gal: That was awesome.

Dule Hill: That was just – that was a childhood dream come true.

James Roday: You know, I – wow, I think very selfishly and perhaps unselfishly. I would go with Scary Sherry…

Chit Chat Gal: The one you wrote!

James Roday: …Season One just because it was actually quite moving to watch everybody come together and bust their butts to make that episode happen for the show, but also for me because it was sort of a departure from what we had done up to that point.

And everybody really rallied. And it was a great experience. And I was very thankful, and that will always have a soft spot for me.

The Season Finale Of Psych Airs on USA Friday, February 15th at 10PM ET/PT