Interview With Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn

Heidi Klum Photo

Chit Chat Gal got to spend a few minutes with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn chatting about 'Project Runway.' The 4th season of 'Project Runway' kicks off tonight, Wednesday, November 14th on Bravo.

Chit Chat Gal: How does this cast rank compared to previous seasons?

Tim Gunn: I'll jump in and just say that with each successive season of "Project Runway", at least in my view, the group of designers has been stronger and stronger. And Season 4 is our strongest group yet.

Heidi Klum: I think it has something to do with how so many people see the credibility of the show and that, you know, you really have to have talent in order to succeed or to get on the television with us. I think that people see that and they go, "Okay. Wow. This could be a really big opportunity for me."

A lot of really good designers out there are now trying to participate and to get on the show. So I think each year the designers have become better and better. And the fourth Season is definitely one of the best designers yet. They’re great technicians. They have, you know, great ideas and they are just all around really, really talented.

Tim Gunn: And the fact that the designers do see the show as a possible – as a positive vehicle for their careers is, at least in my view, the greatest compliment we could have.

Chit Chat Gal: Tim, since you have a lot of hands on work with the designers every day when they're on the show, do you in the beginning have either a favorite or kind of figure out who you know is going to be in the top?

Tim Gunn: Honestly, I'm the worst judge of these things. The people that I think, "Oh, this person's going to be a shoe in," end up not being perhaps as strong or as I may have expected. And people I'm perhaps a little concerned about end up just taking off, having an incredible trajectory.

So – and I will say with absolute impunity each of the 15 designers on this season's show, I believe from the onset any one of them could win the entire thing, that there was no one on the show about whom I thought, "Oh, they’ll last two or three challenges and then they're going to be gone." But what happens is that owing to all the intangibles in a way that the exhaustion and fatigue, the fact that we don't have any breaks, we just keep go, go, going through the entire 30 days.

All of this just – it has its effect on people. And you never know what effect it will have.

Chit Chat Gal: Who comes up with the challenges and how do keep them fresh each year?

Heidi Klum: We all do. I mean there's, you know, people from Bravo, people from the Magical Elves, people from Full Picture, I've come up with some of the challenges and basically we all kick them around. And then whatever challenges are the best, they make it.

One challenge that I came up with, for example, that made it on the show and I thought was really great and everyone loved was "Clothes Off Your Back"

It was something that literally I was in the shower and I was like, "What about if, you know, they have to redesign the clothes that they're wearing?"

That's how it happens. Everyone kind of throws in their ideas and sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not. Sometimes it's maybe a beginning of a good challenge but they bring it to the next level and make it even better. We work very well together on coming up with all those things.

Tim Gunn: I’ll add that it's the one case that I know of where design by committee really works.