Interview With Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder

Aaron Mcgruder PhotoChit Chat Gal Gets The Goods On 'Boondocks' From Creator Aaron McGruder

Chit Chat Gal got a chance to speak with Aaron McGruder, creator of 'The Boondocks', about the upcoming season and the future of the comic strip. Season Two starts Monday, October 8th at 11:30 On Adult Swim.
What took so long to get season 2 on air?
It took longer than we thought it would to get it all done and we wanted to get it right but because of some production issues it took awhile. We produce this show to serve three countries so when it is done you have to get it right for everyone.
Do you have more freedom with the TV show or the comic strip?
The TV show because it isn't as conservative as the newspaper and you have a greater freedom to go beyond the scope with the show vs. the strip itself.
What was the goal when you decided to create ‘Boondocks’?
The goal was to have a job and to do the kind of humor I wanted to see. I like Black political satire and I like to shake things up.
Did you expect the controversy associate with 'Boondocks'?
No I didn't expect it and I actually never expected the strip to be that popular.
Has there ever been a storyline or idea that Adult Swim said no to? Where do you draw the line, if there is one?
No they have given me full control and never told us we couldn't do something.  There isn't a line to draw.
The 2006 episode "Return of the King" drew a lot of controversy by Al Sharpton.  How does that affect you as a creator? And, what if any controversial story-lines await us in Season 2?
Yeah Al came after the show and I am a huge fan of his so I felt like I had to go after the show too because we were intending to cause controversy.  This year is very different and isn't going to be like season 1.  As for controversy I guess it depends on what you consider to be controversial, I would say no though.
Fans of the comic strip want to know where things stand? Is it officially done, or just on an extended hiatus?
It is hard for me to do both the show and the comic strip so creating the show played a factor in me walking away from the strip.  Is the strip over? Not necessarily but if I do restart it I would have to have the time to put into it and it would be on-line or wireless or something because doing a daily newspaper is too hard meeting their deadlines.
Any special guests this year?
Cedric the Entertainer, Snoop Dogg, and Samuel L. Jackson to name a few
Do you watch any other Anime that is on TV right now?
No, I don't have time. I do watch the Colbert Report, the Jon Stewart Show, and 'The Office.' And when this is all done I plan to go get some DVDs and watch some of the stuff I have been meaning to watch.