How To Step It Up After Veganuary

The Veganuary campaign registered record-breaking numbers this year, which over 2.66 million participants only in the UK, and many many MORE around the world. Ultimately, the pledge to go vegan for a month is an attractive challenge, especially just after the Christmas and New year’s eve indulgence! It’s fair to say that not every participant was ready to begin their vegan journey for a month on January, 1st. However, many have chosen to embrace the vegan movement in the first half of January and have decided to pursue their plant-based diet for 30 days or even more – to take account of possible cheat days. As a result, while the calendar is already marking the month of March, you might be about to conclude your Veganuary challenge.

If you’re wondering what is the next step after you’ve finished the plant-based challenge, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many ways in which you can continue to make a positive change.

Veganuary made you aware of your diet

When you embark on a vegan journey, you develop a sense of awareness about how the food you eat affects your body. Indeed, taking off meat, egg, dairy products, and fish off your meal plan for a month will have dramatic results on your weight. You’ll find yourself naturally eating more vegetables and fruits, and as a result, you feel fuller with less processed carbohydrates. Additionally, while there are vegan cakes and dairy alternatives, your everyday menu will naturally be less calorific. As a result, you can experience some level of weight loss during your vegan journey. If you want to accelerate the phenomenon while respecting vegan value, you can take a look at ketogenic tips for vegans on Ultimately, the ketogenic diet reduces your carb intake to a minimum while increasing the presence of healthy fat in your meals via nuts, seeds, nut butter, and dark chocolates, and healthy tofu.  

You begin to listen to your body

When your body has eliminated meat and dairy products from its digestive system, you might start to notice differences in your energy levels and overall feelings of self. Indeed, did you know that mild lactose intolerance might not be detectable through your body reactions but can generate energy loss, trouble in concentration and minor digestive issues? As you experience improvements in your body, you might want to develop a new and mindful relationship in which you listen to your body. Integrating yoga and meditation practices to your routine – see a previous article on to find out more about it – can give you the time you need in your schedule for self-care. There are significant mental and physical benefits, which echo the positive experience you’ve had with Veganuary.

You are looking for your happy spot

Veganuary is a challenge that often comes out of respect for the creatures around you. As you realize that there is an energy that connects you to the world, you can find yourself thrown into an existential exploration. As a peaceful eater, you question your place in the universe, and ultimately, you wonder if you are happy with the choices you’ve made in your life until now. And this asks a difficult question, especially at a time when you hope to be settled in your ways: What makes you happy? As happiness defines your role in the world, uncovering your passions and your darlings can be a life-changing experience at the back of Veganuary.

You want to do more for animals

Not eating animal products can encourage you to go the extra mile and offer protection to the wildlife around you. You don’t need to join the next safari expedition to Central Africa to make a difference. You can start with your garden. Replacing your lawn with native plants can attract birds, butterflies, and insects to your garden. Additionally, you should also eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers to keep the environment safe. Make sure to add housing for birds, small mammals, and bees too!

You want organic vegan solutions

Last, but not least, there’s no denying that animal farms generate a large portion of emissions to the atmosphere. By not eating meat, you’ve helped to reduce the negative effects. You can encourage green eating habits by starting your own vegetable garden. Growing potatoes, for instance, is an excellent choice for beginners, and can feed your family for months! If you prefer something less carb-heavy, you can opt for tomatoes or zucchinis, which are easy to maintain.

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Veganuary is more than a challenge. It’s a wakeup call for many. It makes you aware of your health needs, the environment, and your overall place in the world. Don’t stop the good work just now; make the most of your new mindfulness.