How To Find A Mobile Phone That Matches Your Needs

When it comes to what topping you want on your burrito choice is everything. Being able to pick whether you want a mild, semi-mild, mid, mid-hot, hot, extra-hot, or xxx hot is great. The rating scale is simple, we know how spicy we like our food. Why wouldn’t anyone want that level of choice? It turns out that actually, for some things, that level of choice is paralyzing and one of those things is choosing a mobile phone. Not everybody knows how many megapixels they need their camera to have, what the optimum size is for their fingers’ reach, how many gigabytes of internal storage are necessary and so on. 

You see, when the choice is simple and linear, as in the salsa example, we can decide easily, but when there are so many variables that we have to consider altogether, it gets a little confusing. Picking a new mobile phone ought to be an enjoyable task, it’s a big-ticket item and we’re likely to use it a lot. However, for a lot of us, it’s a real headache. If you’re struggling to decide which handset to choose next then we’ve got some simple tips to help you make the right decision.

For some of us the thought of playing a mobile game wouldn’t cross our minds. Perhaps you have a computer or dedicated games console at home for that, or perhaps you’re simply not a gamer at all. If you fit into this bracket then many of the specifications of your phone are going to be completely irrelevant. You don’t need an impressive processor for scrolling through Facebook or sending the odd text, so save your money. 

However, if you do enjoy mobile gaming then this is a big consideration to make. Some mobiles trade out internal storage for better processing speeds, whilst others do the opposite. The razer mobile gaming phone has done exactly that, ensuring it’s lightning-fast for data-heavy games. The other thing to consider is the type of game you play. Games with lots of complex graphics, full-screen interactivity, and multiplayer options will require a much more advanced phone than some of the simpler games.

 Something simple like mobile slots games can be played on most specifications of smartphone. These sorts of games are also really popular at the moment thanks to the option to play them in free or paid modes, meaning that you don’t have to pay any money to figure out which ones are your favourite. If you’re looking to try them out then they’re perfect for beginners thanks to the simple gaming model and their easy-to-use interface. Vegas Slots Online have collated some of the best of them for gaming fans to sift through.

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If Instagram selfies are all you use your camera for then you might be able to get away with a lower spec one

In this day and age, the majority of us have some kind of social media presence, so we need a phone that can take a half decent selfie at least. For some of us this will just about cut it and to be honest, as long as you’re buying a relatively new model of mobile, your camera will have more clout than you really need. However, if you’re a little more serious about your photography then it’s sensible to look in more detail at what your potential new phone could be capable of.

The first thing to look for is the megapixel capability of the rear facing camera. This will be what you take the vast majority of your shots with, the front facing camera is only for FaceTiming and selfies, so a little lower quality is no problem there and will help keep the profile of the phone nice and slim. 

If you do choose that phone with the high quality camera then you’re going to need a serious chunk of storage to keep all of those photos safe. Most phones come with the option to purchase additional cloud storage on a rolling monthly basis which can be a useful option, but if you’d rather not, then looking for a phone with 32GB or more internal storage is going to be essential if you’re to have space for photographs, apps, messages and more. Clearing out photos can be a real headache, especially if you’re caught without sufficient storage space at the wrong moment, so be realistic about how proactive you are at de-cluttering your photo library. If you know it won’t happen regularly enough, buy that bigger storage phone, or commit to a monthly cloud package.