How I Met Your Mother

To me, How I Met Your Mother episodes fall into two very separate categories, both of which I enjoy:  1) an episode that is all about the funny, with slapstick comedy or off the wall stories of Ted’s early 30s or 2) an episode that is sweet, not as outwardly funny, and which helps to move the storyline forward.  The premiere episode, airing tonight on CBS at 8, definitely falls into the latter.

There were jokes, and things that made me chuckle, but it wasn’t the funniest episode I’ve seen. Instead of focusing on broad comedy that they do so well, the writers decided to focus on the growing relationship between Robin and Barney and what that means for our group of friends.  As Lily and, by extension, Marshall work together to get Robin and Barney to label their relationship, Ted stresses over his first day as a professor.  The use of the gang’s friend Brad to move the Robin and Barney story along is fantastic, as is the always awesome opportunity to let Robin’s “Canada” slip in!  What I liked most is that the premiere is accessible to new viewers, as it introduces the characters, albeit slightly, but it’s also a great episode for loyal fans who have watched since day one!

Season Premiere: Monday, September 21st on CBS 8:00/7:00c