How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode Guide

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Episode 1 – Wait For It – Original Air Date – 09/24/2007

TV Ratings : 8.27 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.2/9

To Barney's dismay, Ted wants to take a few weeks after his breakup with Robin before getting back out on the dating scene. But when Robin returns from her vacation with Gael, an incredibly hot Argentine surfer-massage therapist, Ted overcompensates with a night on the town that's a little too legendary even for Barney's taste, leading him into the arms of Amy, a somewhat unhinged punk rock girl with a taste for tattoos. Meanwhile, on a double-date with Robin and Gael, Marshall and Lily are determined to hate Gael, but his charms prove difficult to resist.

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode Guide 

Episode 2 – We're Not From Here – Original Air Date – 10/01/2007

TV Ratings : 7.88 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.0/8

Now that she has spent some time at home with Gael, the hunky Argentinean guy she met while on vacation, Robin begins to realize that he may not be such a perfect fit in her real life. Ted and Barney, however, see Gael as a chick magnet and pose as foreigners so that they can meet more women. Unfortunately, their plan backfires when they realize that the women they attract when pretending to be tourists aren't actually from New York themselves. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily have their first fight as a married couple.

Episode 3 – Third Wheel – Original Air Date – 10/08/2007

TV Ratings : 8.03 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.2/9 

When Ted gets blown off by Barney and Marshall, he goes down to MacLaren's, where he meets a beautiful young woman who takes a shine to him. As luck would have it, her old college friend shows up unexpectedly and also shows interest in Ted. Unable to figure out who is the most interested, Ted calls Lily to help him figure it out, only to discover that both women are equally attracted to him. To complicate matters even further, both women want to take the party to Ted's place. Overwhelmed, Ted gets Marshall, Lily and Barney, all of whom are trapped in the apartment when Ted unexpectedly returns with his potential conquests, to band together and guide him toward his goal of "riding the tricycle." Meanwhile, Robin's fateful grooming decision to not shave her legs complicates her date with an awesome new guy.

Episode 4 – Little Boys – Original Air Date – 10/15/2007

TV Ratings : 7.96 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.1/9

Based on Lily's recommendation, Robin dates a single dad even though she is not particularly fond of kids. To her surprise, she bonds with the guy's 6-year-old son. However, as happens in many of her relationships, Robin soon decides that things are getting too serious and that she must find a way to break it off with the kid. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney go after the same girl to determine once and for all who has better game. Marshall tries to prove to the guys that even though he is married, he is still relevant and can prove helpful in their pursuit of female companionship.

Episode 5 – How I Met Everyone Else – Original Air Date – 10/22/2007

TV Ratings : 8.60 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.4/9

Ted is dating a new woman, and he decides it's time to introduce her to the group. When she asks how they all met one another, the gang takes a trip down memory lane. But when Ted's new girl is jealous about not having a good "how we met" story with Ted, Ted reveals to her a huge secret from his past, one he's never told Marshall: how he and Lily really met. It turns out that Lily and Ted might have kissed, and it might not have been fate that brought Lily and Marshall together, which is what they've believed ever since they met.

Episode 6 – I'm Not That Guy – Original Air Date – 10/29/2007

TV Ratings : 8.55 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.3/9

Marshall has an interview at a notoriously evil corporate law firm and ends up being flattered, wined and dined and otherwise seduced into possibly accepting a lucrative job offer, thereby setting aside his dreams of working for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Lily tries to give Marshall guidance on his job selection, but what Marshall doesn't know is that Lily is a shopaholic and has major credit card debt, making her a less-than-impartial advisor. Meanwhile, after Barney discovers the existence of a porn star named "Ted Mosby," Ted and Barney head to the Adult Video Expo to find the impostor.

Episode 7 – Dowisetrepla – Original Air Date – 11/05/2007

TV Ratings : 8.87 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.4/9

Marshall and Lily decide to buy an apartment and proceed to make every mistake in the book. While applying for a loan, Marshall discovers Lily's credit card debt, which leads to a huge fight that Ted is able to recreate, CSI-style, employing his deductive reasoning and clues around the apartment. Barney stumbles upon another use for an open house: it can be a great place to bring a hot, clingy chick you'd never bring to your real home.

Episode 8 – Spoiler Alert – Original Air Date – 11/12/2007

TV Ratings : 8.58 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.3/9

Ted thinks he has found a great girl until the gang meets her and shatters his illusion of how wonderful she is by pointing out that she never stops talking. Once her flaw is revealed, that becomes all Ted can see in glaring clarity, which forces him to break up with her. Angered that Lily has shattered his illusion, Ted points out Lily's annoying flaw to Marshall, and in turn this leads to the rest of gang pointing out each other's flaws. Also, when Marshall loses his password to retrieve his bar exam results, Barney orchestrates an elaborate plan to "help" him recover it.

Episode 9 – Slapsgiving – Original Air Date – 11/19/2007

TV Ratings : 8.55 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.4/9

Over Thanksgiving, Robin and Ted experience a backslide that starts with a joke Ted makes about Robin's new, older guy, then leads to a fight, which leads to them sleeping together. The backslide forces them to question whether trying to remain friends after a breakup is too difficult. Meanwhile, Marshall has set the slap bet countdown clock to expire in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, so throughout the day, he torments Barney about the slap that is inevitably coming.

Episode 10 – The Yips – Original Air Date – 11/26/2007

TV Ratings : 8.06 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.3/8

The gang joins a gym, and there Barney runs into Rhonda, his mom's friend to whom he lost his virginity. He learns that the night in question was built on a lie: she only slept with him because his brother bribed her. His confidence destroyed, Barney tries to bounce back with a trip to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party, but gets "the yips," losing his ability to pick up on women. Realizing he has to make it with Rhonda for real so that he can return to his former self, Barney sets out on a mission. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall struggle to deal with Marshall's overzealous trainer, and the gang discovers Ted's workout regimen isn't exactly as strenuous as their regimen.

Episode 11 – The Platinum Rule– Original Air Date – 12/10/2007

TV Ratings : 8.45 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.3/9

As Ted prepares for a date with the doctor who's going to remove his tattoo, Barney and the gang try to warn him that he may be breaking a cardinal rule of dating, "The Platinum Rule": don't poop where you eat. Whether it's your apartment building, your workplace or the bar where you hang out, it's never a good idea to get into a relationship with someone you see on a regular basis. Barney uses stories of three such relationships that he, Robin and Marshall and Lily have each experienced to illustrate the nine steps that inevitably follow in any such relationship.

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Episode 12 – No Tomorrow – Original Air Date – 03/17/2008

TV Ratings : 9.73 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.3/11

Ted goes out for a crazy St. Patrick's Day with Barney, and discovers how much he's changed.  After Ted has what he considers the most legendary night, Marshall replays the messages Ted left on his voice mail when his cell phone accidentally pocket dialed, and after hearing snippets over  the course of the night Ted ultimately realizes he was acting like a jerk and he doesn't want to be that guy.  Also, Marshall, Lily and Robin spend the night in Marshall and Lily's new apartment, only to make their own shocking discovery that the apartment is crooked.

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Episode 13 – Ten Sessions – Original Air Date – 03/24/2008

TV Ratings : 10.62 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.5/12

Ted has ten tattoo removal sessions to win over his dermatologist Stella and get her to agree to go on a date with him. After trying gambit after gambit to break through, including being extra nice to her receptionist only to have the receptionist misconstrue Ted's friendliness as attraction, Ted finally discovers why Stella has been hesitant to get involved. Ted must decide if he really is ready for a more adult relationship, and convince Stella of the same.

Episode 14 – The Bracket – Original Air Date – 03/31/2008

TV Ratings : 9.67 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.0/11

A Mysterious Woman is ruining Barney’s mojo by warning women to stay away from him. Only Lily has seen her, but before she’ll help him identify the woman, Lily forces Barney to go back and confront the girls who are most deserving of an apology. Using the NCAA tournament bracketology the gang takes the top sixty-four women Barney has been with and narrows the list down to The Final Four; the four women Barney must apologize to and face the repercussions.


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