Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Guest Appearance On Saturday Night Live

After referencing the show in Tuesday's Democratic debate, Senator Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on the late night comedy show tonight with host Ellen Page and musical guest Wilco.
Clinton delivered an "editorial response" to a parody of Tuesday's Democratic Debate in which "Brian Williams" (Will Forte) and "Tim Russert" (Darrell Hammond) hammered Clinton (Amy Poehler) – going so far as to bring in a guest interrogator in Vincent D'Onofrio from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" – while lobbing softball questions to Sen. Barack Obama (Fred Armisen).

The complete transcript of Clinton's "response" is below:

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON : "The scene you just saw was a dramatization of last Tuesday's debate and not an endorsement of one candidate over another. I can say this confidently, because when I asked if I could take it as an endorsement, I was told "absolutely not." But I still enjoyed the sketch a great deal. I simply adore Amy's impression of me."
AMY POEHLER: "Why thank you, Senator. You're looking lovely tonight."
CLINTON: "You are also looking lovely tonight."
POEHLER: "Why thank you."
CLINTON: "I'm going to need those earrings back."
(Poehler laughs like her impression of Clinton, the real Sen. Clinton follows suit)
POEHLER: "So how is the campaign going?"
CLINTON: "Very well! Why? What have you heard? Oh, never mind. Tonight I just want to relax and have fun."
POEHLER: "So no politics?"
CLINTON: "No politics. But, I would like to take this opportunity and say to all Americans, be they from the great states of Ohio or Texas, Rhode Island or Vermont, Pennsylvania or any of the other ones…"
POEHLER/CLINTON – "We're Hillary Clinton and we approve this message: Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!!!"

In another unannounced political cameo, former Republican candidate, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani returned to SNL with a bone to pick on "Weekend Update." After reiterating his endorsement of Sen. John McCain, Giuliani explained to "Weekend Update" co-anchor how his formerly front-running campaign collapsed.

The exchange is below:

SETH MEYERS:"…looking back on your own campaign, would you have done anything differently?"
MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI: "Well let's see, Seth. In July of 2007 I was the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination. Now, only eight months later, I'm sitting here with you and Amy. So to answer your question, yes, I would have done a few things differently."
MEYERS: "Sorry about that. So hindsight being 20/20 what is one thing you would have done differently?"
GIULIANI: "Well, I have given this a lot of thought, and realized that my one key mistake was years ago [Nov. 22, 1997], when I hosted this show and wore a dress. I really wish I could have taken that back."
MEYERS: "So you don't think your mistake was bypassing the early primaries and betting everything on Florida?"
GUILIANI: "No. The Florida plan was solid. I stand by that, but the dress killed me. You hit the campaign trail and you talk about the economy and national security and you can just feel people in the crowd thinking, 'I know that guy. That's the guy who wore the dress.'"
MEYERS: "Well, we're sorry if we had anything to do with it."
GIULIANI: "No hard feelings. I've always had a great time here and I wouldn't trade it for anything."
MEYERS: "So in the end, how would you describe your campaign?"
GIULIANI: "Well, I guess you could say it was like an SNL sketch. It started strong but didn't really have an ending."

In addition to the political comedy, Oscar nominee Ellen Page ("Juno") performed in numerous sketches: poking fun at the ultra-stylized dialogue in "Juno" opposite the former stripper turned Oscar-winning screenwriter "Diablo Cody" (played by Andy Samberg). Page went on to impersonate tween sensation Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") on an episode of "The Dakota Fanning Show" with Poehler as well as playing a steroid-free baseball player, and Peter Pan, to name a few.

SNL continues its unprecedented four-in-a-row run next week with host Amy Adams and musical guest Vampire Weekend.