HAWAII FIVE 0 Emmy Magazine Cover

Hawaii Five 0 Emmy Magazine Cover

Highlights from the “Hawaii Five-O” feature include:

  • Alex O’Loughlin, who trained with real Navy SEALS in preparation for his role as Steve McGarrett, discusses his thrill to have finally found a role that fits. – “This character is a cool cat. He’s got that Jason Bourne-Jack Bauer thing, where he has his own moral code. And I love the action stuff! I’m not a stuntman, but I’m athletic, and [as McGarrett] I like hanging people off buildings and tying them to the hoods of cars and then driving really fast.”

  • I definitely struggled with whether I should do it. My first instinct was no. I have no desire to do just a straight procedural…This is my job and I’m doing it with full passion. If it runs twelve seasons, I’ll be I my forties, and I can parlay it into whatever I want, you know? I’ll have a bajillion dollars from this show, and I can buy a block in Hollywood, set up a theatre company and do nothing but write and direct plays and be completely fulfilled.” – Scott Caan recalls his initial struggle about doing “Hawaii Five-O” and how the character-rich pilot script eventually changed his mind.

  • Daniel Dae Kim on hoping to showcase a different side of himself as an actor – “That people see that Jin was actually a character, and not who I was, is meaningful to me. I loved my experience on “Lost” and I’ll make no bones about it. That said, it was a huge ensemble and I wanted to make sure that I was an integral part of [this] show.”

  • “This has been a really interesting journey. I’m really grateful [for the opportunity], but with that comes a lot of exposure. There’s an inordinate amount of attention put on actors. Some people want to make their lives public, but that doesn’t mean everybody does. It kind of feels you landed in – well, not really “Alice in Wonderland”, because its not that fun.” – Actress Grace Park reflects on adjusting to the fame that comes with starring on a high-profile network series.