Grey’s Anatomy

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Once upon a time, in what seems like a land far, far, away, Grey’s Anatomy was my favorite show on TV.  Funny and heart breaking and poignant and beautiful, the show had everything that I needed to get me through the week.  Somewhere along the lines, that show that I loved became a sort of shell of itself.  It’s still got some humor, it’s still got some heart breaking and poignant, and beautiful stuff, but the drama that has plagued the show for 2 to 3 seasons, and the addition of Dead-Denny-Sex last year has really soured my opinion.

All that said, tonight’s all new season premiere (season 6 for those of you keeping track) is not a bad episode.  It’s not, and I don’t want to sound overly harsh; Grey’s Anatomy isn’t a bad show, it’s just not what it used to be, and I don’t get the same feeling of “wow, I’m watching something fantastic” like I did back in the beginning.  [Spoiler Alert if you’ve managed to avoid all of the GA press since last year]  While they give you hope for just a minute that there was a mix-up, and it’s not actually George who jumped in front of a bus, they quickly shoot that down, and our characters are left dealing with the aftermath.

An out of nowhere plot for Derek, some understated and sweet Lexie and Mark scenes, a Chief Webber freak out, and a cold hearted Arizona Robbins later, I’m left feeling like something is missing, something else could have been done, TR Knight could have been saved.  I guess it’s just not meant to be – I’ll keep watching out of a need to stick with the characters I used to love, and hopefully they can renew my faith.


Season Premiere: Thursday, September 24th on ABC 9:00/8:00c