Greek is back tonight on ABC Family and not a minute too soon.  I was going through withdrawal, seriously!  Summer has ended for our Cypress Rhodes friends, and they’re heading back to school.  The cliffhanger from last cycle’s finale, about where Rebecca will go (with ZBZ or the new IKI), is answered rather quickly.  Casey is back from her DC internship and all of the secrets that go along with it.  Rusty is officially an active at the KT house, and Calvin and Rusty are friends again.  The more things change, the more they stay the same, as Evan and Cappie are still bitter rivals, Cappie and Casey are friends who so belong together, and Casey and Max are still doing their thing.

New pledge, Jesse McCartney, joins the show for 6 episodes this cycle as yet another thing for KT and Omega Chi to fight about.  Ashley is trying her best as President to get Casey involved in the sorority, but Casey finds herself pulling away.  And then there’s Dale and his aversion for foreigners adding some humor to an already charming, whip smart, and funny show!

If you missed out on the first few chapters of this show, do yourself a favor and get caught up, so you can start in with another great 12 episodes of Greek.  You will not be disappointed!


The Greek Season Premiere Airs On ABC Family Monday, March 30th at 8:00PM EST.