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Greek Season 3 Cappie And Casey

GREEK returns tonight for an all new season, and if the season premiere is any indication, things are changing at CRU!  The season ended with a party at Kappa Tau celebrating the end of the good times, or rather, the End of the World.  Spoiler alert for those not watching – Casey broke up with Max for Cappie, who turned her away.  Rusty skipped working on his honors extra credit project to spend time with Jordan.  Dale and Calvin made purity pledges to each other, to keep their minds off of Sheila and Calvin’s-hot-roommate, respectively.  Ashleigh and Fischer were happy and in love, and Rebecca and Evan were not so much.  Becks was officially the third member of the ZBZ awesome trifecta, and Evan and Cappie were friends again.  Every single story is impacted or directly impacts the stories in the premiere, which kicks off right after the events of Cappie’s party to an outstanding and real life conclusion.

Greek stands eons above any other early-20-something show on TV right now, because the students are real, the problems are real, the way they talk is the way my friends talked when we were in school.  I’m so excited it’s back, and can’t wait to see the next episode!  I literally found myself gasping out loud, laughing out loud, and flat out loving the premiere, which is not only a great kickoff to the 3rd season, but to the Fall season of TV in general. 

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