GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 8 Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Recap

Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl may have had its weak moments over the past season, but I have to say with this week’s episode things are heating up. I’m finally back to the point where I am anxiously awaiting each episode to see what happens.


Gossip Girl may have had its weak moments over the past season, but I have to say with this week’s episode things are heating up. I’m finally back to the point where I am anxiously awaiting each episode to see what happens.

Ever since the very first season of Gossip Girl there has been a war brewing between the Upper East Side rich kids vs the Brooklyn middle class kids. It all started with Dan and Serena and I have a feeling it’s all going to end with those two as well. This week WWIII breaks out between the insiders and the outsiders, but with a twist.

Before the war breaks out we have the usual suspects and their drama. Colin suggests he and Serena go away for the weekend together, though they still plan to stick to their “rules” of not actually being together. Serena goes along with it until she talks to Dan and he makes it clear to her that if Colin were really interested in her he’d gladly give up some lame temp teaching gig to be with her. It’s not like the guy needs the money, he is a billionaire afterall. Serena confronts Colin later and tells him that she can’t go with him for the weekend. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck are still having loads and loads of hate sex. They both claim they can give it up at any time but yet they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They decide they need to end things before they get attached but they want to go about it two different ways. Chuck thinks it’ll be easier if they have as much sex as humanly possible in a 24 hour period, whereas Blair wants to stop cold turkey. She enlists the always hilarious Dorota to keep her away from Chuck.

Gossip Girl

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Serena and Blair’s drama takes a backseat to the drama that’s about to go down with Juliet though. Nate discovers that she doesn’t actually live where she says she does. He tells Vanessa, who is excited that someone else finally believes her about Juliet setting her up last week, and the two of them plot a way to get to the bottom of who Juliet really is. While Nate goes to lunch with Juliet, Vanessa does some research (aka pays off a deliver guy) to find out where Juliet really lives and then breaks into her apartment. It turns out Juliet lives in some slummy area (at least compared to the UES) and keeps all the tags on her clothes so she can return them later. We find out that the only way she’s able to keep up with the Upper East Siders is by having Colin help pay her way. Anyway, Juliet realizes her game is up and comes clean about all of this to Nate over lunch. Nate forgives her because he can relate, or claims to, because his family was semi-poor for like 30 seconds. Vanessa isn’t about to let Juliet off the hook that easy though. She discovers that Juliet has pictures of Serena and Colin kissing, so she steals the memory card. Juliet comes back to her apartment to find Vanessa there and Vanessa tells her about her plan to release the pics to ruin Serena. Juliet tells her that her plans have changed and she doesn’t plan to release the pics anymore. That doesn’t change Vanessa’s plan though and she walks out with the memory card.

The insiders and outsiders end up colliding at a gala that night and all hell breaks loose. Serena asks Dan to be her date since she’s done with Colin, but Colin ends up surprising Serena there and tells her that he quit the teaching gig to be with her. They are locking lips just as Dan arrives. Serena tries to apologize but Dan realizes (again) that he’ll always be second-best to whoever the flavor of the month is. Chuck surprises Blair at the gala and refuses to take no for an answer, he wants to be her date for the night. Vanessa crashes the gala and reveals her plans to bring down Serena to Nate. He hates her again but at this point she couldn’t care less. When Vanessa goes to give the memory card to the Dean, Juliet intervenes and tries to talk Vanessa out of it. Vanessa fills Juliet in on the history of the insiders always sticking together and it’s only a matter of time before they turn their backs on her too. It doesn’t take but a minute for Juliet to open her eyes and realize she’ll never be an insider, so she and Vanessa march over to the Dean with the memory card. Unfortunately, before they can give the Dean the memory card Blair butts in and drops the memory card in her drink. The Dean is pissed that they are bothering her with this drama at the gala and says without evidence there’s nothing she can do. Insiders win again.

This is just the beginning of the war though. Nate, Blair and Chuck confront Juliet outside the gala and pretty much banish her from the UES. Colin also confronts Juliet and tells her that she is cut off.

After the gala Serena decides to end things anyway with Colin. This comes as a shocker to me but for whatever reason the two of them seem totally fine with it. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t JUST quit the teaching gig for her or anything. How typical is this of Serena? And, it only gets worse. Serena calls Dan and leaves him a voicemail saying that she wants to see him again and that she’ll wait outside for him for however long it takes. Dan gets the message and races from Brooklyn to the UES to see Serena but shows up too late once again. Nate comes by Serena’s unexpected and says that he wants her back now that Juliet is out of the picture. Serena is back to the big decision: Nate or Dan? Who will she choose?

The biggest twist comes at the end when Vanessa and Juliet team up with fellow outsider, Jenny Humphrey! Their attack on the insiders will come next week at a masquerade party. Yay for little J coming back!