GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 5 Goodbye Columbia Recap

Gossip Girl

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This week, Gossip Girl starts a nasty little rumor about Serena, while Chuck begins his war against Blair for what she did last week. It’s a drama-fueled ep that you don’t want to miss out on!


This week, Gossip Girl starts a nasty little rumor about Serena, while Chuck begins his war against Blair for what she did last week. It’s a drama-fueled ep that you don’t want to miss out on!

Gossip Girl sends a txt blast out of the blue to everyone asking “Does SVW have an STD?” Gasp!  Juliet is of course behind this as she continues to try to bring Serena down. It’s very odd for Gossip Girl to post gossip like this though, so what role does Juliet play in the Gossip Girl site? Anyone have any theories? Juliet even convinces Nate and Dan to go get checked for STD’s which becomes awkward when Serena catches them at the clinic and further awkward when a picture of Dan at the clinic gets posted on GG.

Last week Chuck declared war on Blair after she lied and sent Eva packing. If this weren’t Gossip Girl the cheesy thought of characters declaring war on one another and being completely serious about it would never go over. Chuck has decided to start the war at Blair’s beloved Columbia where she is just beginning to get her social footing. Chuck charms B’s professor and becomes the assistant, a position that Blair really wanted. Chuck 1, Blair 0.

Gossip Girl

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That night at a Columbia gathering, Juliet manipulates Vanessa into stealing Serena’s cell phone to see if there’s anything on there from Nate or Dan. What ends up actually happening is Vanessa keeping watch and Juliet using the phone to send dirty messages to Serena’s professor. She even offers the professor sex in exchange for good grades, pretending to be Serena. Serena has no idea about any of this going on. When Serena goes to class the next day, which she is late for as well thanks to Juliet stealing her cab, the Dean confronts her about the dirty message. Serena has no idea what they’re talking about but luckily Vanessa overhears and connects the dots realizing it’s Juliet who has been playing games all along. Vanessa tries to fill Serena in on the story but just when she tells her, Juliet slips Serena’s phone into Vanessa purse. Juliet then suggests to Serena that she try calling her stolen phone, which she does and it rings in Vanessa’s purse. Dan and Nate just so happen to stop by at this same time and they all pin the whole thing on Vanessa. Are they really that stupid that they would believe this new girl over someone they’ve been friends with their whole life? I’m especially disappointed in Dan for buying this.

Chuck and Blair end up using the professor to one up each other and it all leads up to a fun fight between the two of them with the professor caught in the middle. The professor realizes how messed up (but we love them anyway!) these Upper East Siders are and quits. The Dean now is watching every move Serena and Blair make. Chuck tells Blair that he’s going to destroy her and won’t be done with her until she has nothing.

Dan tells Vanessa that he believes she had nothing to do with the GG STD rumor or sex messages to Serena’s professor, but Vanessa decides to move out of his place anyway because she still can’t trust him.

Juliet continues to talk to her mysterious prison friend, Ben, who gets furious when she strays from their plot to destroy Serena by sleeping with Nate. I think Juliet may be actually falling in love with Nate. I’m still trying to figure out where this Ben guy comes into play? Is he Gossip Girl? Why is he and Juliet so hell bent on destroying Serena? I really wish they’d start to give us some clues as to what is going on.

Next week, it looks like we may be getting a dose of Jenny again as she returns at the request of Chuck. This must be the next move in his war to destroy Blair.