GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 4 A Touch Of Eva Recap

Gossip Girl

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This week, Blair and Serena try to get over Chuck and Nate/Dan but in the end it’s Blair and Serena who’s crying on each other’s shoulders.


This week, Blair and Serena try to get over Chuck and Nate/Dan but in the end it’s Blair and Serena who’s crying on each other’s shoulders.

Chuck’s transformation from bad guy to good guy continues this week as he begins giving large sums of money to charity. He also spends some fat cash on Eva. Chuck buys her a limited edition Cartier watch. Blair reads all about it on Gossip Girl and freaks out to Serena. She and Serena agree that neither of them will focus on Chuck and Nate or Dan.

The deal between S and B doesn’t last long. B goes to the Cartier store to find out exactly how much Chuck spent on Eva but while there she spots Eva in the back room returning her new limited edition Cartier watch for cash. B takes video on her cell and rushes back to Chuck to show him that Eva is just using him for his money. Eva gets back just then and Chuck questions her but it turns out Eva did it to give the cash to Chuck’s valet who was in desperate need of money or he was going to lose his family home. Blair leaves with a red face.

For some dumb reason Eva follows Blair and talks to her later at the park. Blair fakes an apology and says she hopes they can become friends. Clearly Blair subscribes to “keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Eva falls for Blair’s fakeness and goes into her entire life story.

Gossip Girl

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Meanwhile, Vanessa surprises Dan with breakfast, along with a surprise visit from Rufus and Lily who she has invited over to help get Dan out of his depression. Dan denies being in a depression and runs out of their mini-intervention saying that he’s got plans with Nate. In reality, he goes over to Serena’s to help her do a background check on Eva. Blair is feeding them with via text message with updates on Eva’s life story.

Vanessa goes to Nate’s later to kidnap him but finds he’s not with Nate. Nate makes up a lie as to why Dan isn’t there but then good ‘ole Juliet takes a walk with Vanessa and fills her in that Dan was never there. Leave it to Juliet to stir the pot some more.

In Dan and Serena’s research on Eva’s life story they find out that she used to be a prostitute. They tell Blair who tells Dan to keep it a secret so she can reveal it to Chuck herself. Being the good friend that he is, Dan calls Nate and fills him in on the gossip who later fills Chuck in. Chuck acts like he already knew that she was a prostitute but we know better than to believe that. That night Chuck holds a major event where he expects Blair to try to humiliate him and Eva. When she comes to him at the event to try to tell him about Eva being a former prostitute Chuck tells her to save it because he already knows. Blair is flustered at this point because Chuck is ignoring her. Chuck goes forward with his event and announces a new charity donation of $5 million and it’s going to a charity that he is creating in Eva’s name. What?! That’s 5 million times worse than getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed on you.

With everything going on between Chuck and Eva, Nate has been suspicious of Juliet lately as well. Although unlike Chuck, Nate definitely should be worried about Juliet. He finds out on Gossip Girl that she went out one night when she told him she was staying in. Then at Chuck’s event he sees a text message on her phone from a guy named Ben saying he needs to see her. He confronts her but Juliet lies her away out of it explaining that Ben is her brother. She later takes Nate to an apartment that is not hers, though she claims it is.

Blair talks to Chuck after his announcement of Eva’s charity and tells him that she found his passport in Eva’s luggage proving that she knew he was Chuck Bass all along. What Chuck doesn’t know is that Blair took Chuck’s passport out of an envelope that Lily gave to Chuck’s valet from Paris police. The items were taken from the guy who shot Chuck. Chuck confronts Eva and she doesn’t defend herself, she just says she’ll leave. Chuck tells her she can only leave with the things she came with, which is basically nothing.

Later, Lily asks Chuck if he got the items she gave to his valet like his passport. Chuck connects the dots and realizes Blair screwed him over. He rushes after Eva and catches her just before she leaves. He tells her not to leave because everyone leaves. But, it’s too late, Eva has decided he’s not worth all the drama. No doubt!

At Chuck’s event which Dan went to with Serena, he overhears Serena tell Nate that she’ll always be there for him. Dan realizes that Serena is never going to choose between them and tells her that there’s someone that doesn’t have to choose. He goes home to Vanessa who is packing her stuff but he tells her not to go. She decides to stay (probably because she has nowhere to go) and they kiss.

With Eva leaving NYC, Chuck goes to Blair’s place and asks her if she did this to him because she still loves him, she tells him no. So, he tells her that it’s war. Yes, the always dramatic Chuck actually declared “war.” Blair runs back upstairs to Serena and cries on her shoulder. Serena is also without any boys, Dan with Vanessa and Nate with Juliet.

Next week, Gossip Girl starts connecting all the dots revealing who has slept with who. We already know most of their secrets but it looks like we’ll find out even more.