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GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 3 The Undergraduates Recap

GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 4 Episode 3 The Undergraduates Recap


Gossip Girl

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Though I’ve been loving Gossip Girl in France, I have to say it was a welcome sight to see everyone back in the Big Apple this week. We finally start to wrap up the craziness of last season and move on to the new happenings this season.


Though I’ve been loving Gossip Girl in France, I have to say it was a welcome sight to see everyone back in the Big Apple this week. We finally start to wrap up the craziness of last season and move on to the new happenings this season.

Before we get to Serena and Blair drama, something strange happens with Gossip Girl. The site goes down and just has an “under construction” page. Sure, Gossip Girl could’ve just had some site downtime, even Twitter can’t stay up most of the time, but there must be a bigger reason as to why they’d mention this to us.

School is beginning for Blair and Serena at Columbia. Unlike in the past, these two plan to take Columbia’s social scene by storm together. Their first mission is to take over Columbia’s exclusive Hamilton House. There’s just one itsy bitsy little problem standing in their way and her name is Juliet. Yes, the Juliet that has been stalking befriending Nate. We knew her character had to come into play somewhere else eventually. Juliet just so happens to only have one key left for the Hamilton House and guess who gets it? Of course, the one and only, Blair Waldorf. It doesn’t take long for Serena to connect the dots and realize that psycho Juliet is screwing with her and keeping her away from Nate. This isn’t the only thing that Serena catches onto. She and Blair come to the realization that Juliet is trying to pit them against each other. When Fashion Night Out comes around, Serena and Blair put on quite the show fighting with each other while Gossip Girl live streams their fight. At first you may think Serena and Blair have went back to their petty High School fights, but then it’s revealed it’s all a setup – even Gossip Girl is in on this one. Juliet thinks she’s going to be the one to come to Blair’s rescue and save her from that “crazy bitch” Serena, but when she flies into the room where Blair and Serena are fighting she finds them sitting on a couch not fighting at all. In fact, Dorota is there filming the whole thing and has some Champagne waiting. Ultimately, thanks to Lily being the bad ass bitch that she is, Serena gets a key to Hamilton House. And, it’s not just any key, it’s Juliet’s. Oh, snap!

Gossip Girl

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Rufus and Lily pull a Maury and do a paternity test on Milo. And the results are in… Dan you are NOT the father! Just like any Maury episode, I could have told you it wasn’t your kid just by looking at him. Anyway, I’m happy Dan isn’t tied down with a kid any longer, except that he surprises me and decides he wants to keep Milo anyway just as Georgina returns from her supposed ‘spa weekend,’ which Gossip Girl revealed was actually a vaca to St. Barts. Dan confronts her telling her that he knows the truth. Per usual, Georgina is quick on her feet with a good story. She explains that she slept with a Russian guy, got pregnant, and his wife found out and hired some guys to kill her and now they are trying to find her. She thought she could leave Milo with Dan for safe keeping for a while until she figured things out. Dan ends up sending Milo off with Georgina in the end, thankfully. And, he has Vanessa staying with him in the meantime to help him feel better. Helping him feel better in more ways than one I am sure.

Chuck brings his new girlfriend, Eva, to New York. His goal with her originally was to run off and pretend to be somebody other than Chuck Bass, but now his goal seems to be wowing her with all of his wealth and connections. He takes her to Fashion Night Out to show her off to everyone but when he goes to introduce her to Rufus he runs into some problems. Earlier in the night Eric told Rufus about freshman year when Chuck tried to rape Jenny. Rufus is furious, as any father would be, and confronts Chuck about it. He tells Chuck that he should be honest about the type of man he is to any girl he dates and asks if Eva is his new girlfriend. Chuck denies that she is calling her a social climber. I assume he does this to protect Eva, but this seems so out of character for Chuck to care about someone else’s feelings than his own. Has Chuck really changed?

So many things happened this episode it’s hard to wrap my mind around it all. As the episode is wrapping, Blair gives Serena a room at her apartment. Things are good now between these two but after living together for a while there is going to be some major drama! Eva moves in with Chuck, which isn’t a big shocker considering he dragged her to NYC and she has nowhere else to live. This is a big step for Chuck though. Could he truly be in love this time? The last shocker of the episode though is Juliet goes to see a guy in prison and gives him an update on what she’s been doing. Is this part of some extortion plot against all the rich kids and their families or is it something bigger?

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