GOSSIP GIRL Season 4 Episode 1 Belles de Jour Recap

GOSSIP GIRL Season 4 Episode 1 Belles de Jour Recap

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Finally after months of anticipation, after the absolutely amazing season finale cliffhanger of Chuck getting shot, we find out what everyone has been upto all summer and whether Chuck is going to live.


Finally after months of anticipation, after the absolutely amazing season finale cliffhanger of Chuck getting shot, we find out what everyone has been upto all summer and whether Chuck is going to live.

Summer is coming to an end in Paris, France where Serena and Blair have been living it up all summer. Serena has been dating just about every guy in Paris while Blair is still quietly nursing the broken heart that Chuck broke into tiny little pieces last season when he slept with Jenny. At lunch Blair checks Gossip Girl just to see what everyone else did all summer and sees that GG is poking fun saying that Serena had a summer of sizzle while Blair’s was all fizzle.

Nate has also been living it up this summer but in NYC. Chuck left him his black book with dozens and dozens of past hookups, so Nate takes full advantage calling each and every one of them to hook up with him. Nothing like taking your friend’s sloppy seconds. While at lunch with one of Chuck’s bimbo’s, Nate meets a woman named Juliette Sharp (played by Katie Cassidy) who seems to have herself together which turns Nate on. She leaves him her card. Looks like we’ve got Nate’s love interest for the season. And, rumor is that Juliette is Gossip Girl. Think it’s true? I always figured Kristen Bell would be GG since it is her voice afterall.

Lily gets calls a call from Chuck’s business manager telling her that he hasn’t heard from Chuck all summer and he hasn’t paid his mortgage in months either. If he doesn’t pay soon the hotel will go into default. Lily calls Serena hoping she’s heard from Chuck but she hasn’t and doesn’t want to hear anything about Chuck. S has some exciting news to share with Lily though… she got accepted into Columbia University! B and S at the same school again? This should be good!

GOSSIP GIRL Season 4 Episode 1 Belles de Jour Recap

Photo: CW

Apparently no one talked to each other this summer, not even Rufus and Dan. Rufus calls Vanessa to see if she can find out why Dan has been MIA. Vanessa goes to the Brooklyn loft to see what Dan is up to. Remember these two are not on the best of terms still and what Vanessa is about to find out isn’t going to make it any easier. Dan answers the door and following not far behind him is the one and only Georgina Sparks. Yep, the bitch is back! And, it gets even better. The reason Dan hasn’t talked to anyone or left the loft all summer is that he and Georgina have a baby – a boy named Milo!! Vanessa is shocked, as am I. There’s no way it’s Dan’s kid, you know it’s just Georgina playing games again. Dan is such a sucker.

While admiring some art by herself and trying to cheer up after reading GG, B just so happens to meet a royal prince, or so she thinks. He asks her on a date for that night. B is beside herself, she calls S to go shopping. S drops the date she’s on to go shop with B. What a good friend. Looks like B’s summer just went from fizzle to sizzle. Take that GG!

Dan and Vanessa meet up for coffee to talk about the baby drama. Like any sane person would, Vanessa questions Dan whether the baby is even his. He insists it is at first but you can tell he’s questioning it himself too. Hello, get a paternity test!

B’s date with the prince turns into a double date with Serena and the prince’s friend. When it comes time for the date it turns out that Blair’s date is actually the driver and Serena’s date is the prince. Again, B’s summer is all fizzle while S sizzles. Too bad for you, B! While on the date B gets a call from her mom who mentions S getting into Columbia. S still hasn’t broke the news to B, so B is pissed. She storms out of the date telling S she can have her date, she’s done being friends with her. S runs after B and finally catches up to her sitting by a fountain. B tells S that she can’t handle living in her shadow again. She tells S to find another school, S tells her that she’d love to make her happy but college is too important. So, what’s B to do? Throw S in the fountain! She then heads back to her date like nothing happened. S comes back to the date soaking wet to grab her purse and then leaves, taking the ‘prince’ with her. B doesn’t want to be on the date with the ‘driver’ anymore so she says she’s tired. The ‘driver’ confesses that he’s actually the prince. He pretended to be the driver to see if B would fall in love with the true him but clearly not. B mumbles trying to find the right words to win back over the prince but he’s done with her.

Back to the Georgina + Dan love baby which is what you really want to hear about anyway, right? So, Georgina gets a call from someone and tells them that she’s “working on it.” As we expected, it looks like she has some evil plot up her sleeve. To speed along her mission, Georgina crashes a party at Lily and Rufus’s bringing baby Milo. As she’s introducing them to Milo she gets Dan on the phone to overhear. Dan is freaking out on the other line because he wanted to be the one to tell his dad – someday. Rufus and Lily are in shock. The party comes to an abrupt end and Dan rushes to Manhattan to talk to his dad. When he gets there Rufus demands he get a paternity test to see if it’s even his. Georgina is already a step ahead of them with a fake paternity test in hand. Rufus doesn’t believe it so he calls the doctor listed on the test who confirms that it is Dan’s baby. It’s obvious that Georgina paid the doctor to lie but no one else seems to catch that. So, Dan signs the birth certificate like Georgina has been wanting him to do. When did Dan get so dumb? The next day at the Brooklyn loft, Dan takes a nap with Milo and Georgina sneaks away. Where is she going? Will she be back? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, back in Paris, B and S are back at the hotel now. S is packing to go back to NYC. B tells her that she needs her friend. She’s scared this broken heart over Chuck is never going to get better and she’s scared if her and S both go to Columbia that she’s going to do something to cause S to hate her and she can’t lose her friend now too. S tells her that’s not going to happen and all is great between these two again. Aww BFFs!

In NYC, Nate’s wild summer is catching up to him. Apparently word spread among his black book girlfriends and they’ve all gathered for an impromptu party at his/Chuck’s hotel suite. They end up trashing the place, leaving Nate with a large bill for damages. Nate calls his new friend Juliette who is happy to be his shoulder to lean on, in fact judging by all the pics and newspaper clippings about Nate on her wall, she may just be his stalker. Or, is this the wall of Gossip Girl?

The episode ends with Lily getting a call from authorities that a body has washed up somewhere in Europe and that it has been identified as Chuck. We flash to Chuck who seems to be alive and well with some new woman who helped nurse him back to health after his shooting. They are moving from Progue to Paris now, go figure. You  know it’s only a matter of time before he crosses paths with S and B.

That’s a wrap on the season premiere of Gossip Girl. So, here’s what’s happening this season… Dan now seems to be a single father to a baby that is likely not even his, S and B will be going to Columbia together, Chuck is with some random and seemingly shady woman in Paris, and Nate is going to fall in love with a stalker. Girls and boys, it’s going to be one fun season!