GOLIATH Season 3 Trailer

Thomas Miller
Goliath Amazon Billy Bob Thornton

GOLIATH Season 3 Trailer – The unexpected death of an old friend leads Billy McBride to take a case in the drought-stricken Central Valley where he comes face-to-face with a new Goliath: a billionaire farmer and his sister and their scheme to steal California’s most valuable resource – water. As Billy and his team pursue the truth, old enemies and personal demons resurface forcing him to confront his own mortality.

Goliath Season 3 Premiere Date October 4th, 2019.

About Goliath:
Once a powerful lawyer, Billy McBride is now burned out and washed up, spending more time in a bar than a courtroom. However, when the legal system is rigged for the rich and powerful, Billy’s dogged pursuit of justice compels him to uncover the truth, at any cost.

GOLIATH Season 3 Trailer

Goliath Season 3 Poster Key Art

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