Global MONOPOLY Celebration to Honor 75 Years of the World’s Favorite Family Game Brand


For the past 75 years, people of all ages from around the world have collected $200 when passing “GO!”, anxiously waited to get out of “jail”, and secretly wished that all of the money in the MONOPOLY game could be real. To celebrate this monumental milestone of a cultural icon, Hasbro is celebrating with a series of MONOPOLY-themed events around the world and online on August 25, 2010.

At 75 years young, MONOPOLY continues to provide fans with new and innovative ways to play the game. The most recent modern twist on the classic game is MONOPOLY Revolution edition, which features a round game board, electronic banking, music and sound effects.

“We love that MONOPOLY is a game that people around the world enjoy playing in ways that best fit their lifestyle, whether that’s online, on a mobile device or gathered around a game board with friends and family,” said Jane Ritson-Parsons, Global Brand Leader for MONOPOLY. “Since it’s introduction in 1935, MONOPOLY has been enjoyed by more than 1 billion people in 111 countries. We hope that fans of the game will join in our 75th anniversary celebration of MONOPOLY.”

Around the world, MONOPOLY is celebrating with a variety of activities that recognize the game and its history. For example:

  • Londoners are challenged to find the “GO!” in the city based on the location and placement of the properties in London found on the MONOPOLY game board. The first 75 people to cross GO! will receive £200. Fans can hitch a ride on a free MONOPOLY double-decker bus for a trip around the city.
  • Drivers in Sydney, Australia will be treated to Free Parking in areas around downtown. Be on the lookout for the MONOPOLY signs to take advantage of the free parking!
  • In the United States, Mr. MONOPOLY will participate in the Atlantic City Thunder Over The Boardwalk air show by parachuting into the crowd to bring MONOPOLY money to guests invited to play in a 75th anniversary commemorative game.
  • In Mexico and Singapore, fans are invited to meet and interact with Mr. MONOPOLY.
  • Online at, participate in a special MONOPOLY game night to earn chances to win copies of MONOPOLY board games as well as earn extra tokens. Downloadable games will be on sale and players can earn a special anniversary Badge Challenge token and unlock a special game mover.

Another way to celebrate with MONOPOLY on August 25 is to enter the Monopoly “Money Makes It Real” contest. MONOPOLY is asking its fans to describe what they would do if the money in their MONOPOLY game — which totals $20,580 — were turned into REAL money. Visit the Official Website for details and to enter. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

The contest began on July 15, 2010 and entries will be accepted until September 3. Entries are to be limited to 75 words or less and should demonstrate a commitment to the spirit of MONOPOLY, such as travel, home repair or any other activity inspired by the history of the game, the Community Chest and Chance cards, the tokens or the game play. Once all entries are collected, participants will invite their friends and family to vote for their entry. The 75 entries with the most votes on Sept. 27 will be considered for the grand prize. Prizes vary by country; please review the complete rules for details.

In 1935, Parker Brothers began selling the MONOPOLY property trading game designed by Charles Darrow, which would quickly become a cultural phenomenon. Today, the MONOPOLY brand entertains players around the world with MONOPOLY experiences to fit every lifestyle. This fall, Hasbro will introduce MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition and the U-BUILD MONOPOLY game.

EA has created digital versions of the MONOPOLY game for console platforms including the Wii, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation 2, and PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system as well as online at and a variety of mobile devices. The latest in the lineup, MONOPOLY Streets, will arrive at retail this fall on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 system. A Nintendo DS version of MONOPOLY will also launch later this year. Additionally, MONOPOLY will land on Facebook later this year through Hasbro’s strategic licensing alliance with EA. Developed by Playfish, the game will allow players to buy and sell properties and negotiate to win with their online friends.

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