Gifts For Geeks

Christmas is fast approaching, and for many of us, thoughts are turning to gifts, and especially what we might buy for the more awkward people in our lives. Some people are easy to shop for, they have hobbies that make gifting easy, or they hand out some pretty obvious hints in the run-up to the holidays so that our jobs are considerably easier. Other people seem to have it all. If they want something, they buy it. Or, while they have hobbies, they don’t easily lend themselves to gifting. These also tend to be the people that refuse even to offer any guidance when asked outright what gifts they would like, often replying with the less than useful “you don’t need to get me anything.” Well, if you’ve got a few awkward recipients that also happen to be a little geeky, here are some fantastic options for the coming holidays. 

Star Wars Gadgets

Christmas and Star Wars go together like C3PO and R2D2. Like Han and Leia. Like Jar Jar Binks and incredibly annoyed moviegoers. The holidays are the optimum time to release an event film, and the latest Star Wars Saga films have jumped on this lucrative bandwagon. This means that every other Christmas, at least for the last few years, many a geek has been queuing for tickets to see the next chapter of their favorite adventure. 

This year might be the last Christmas Star Wars cinema event for a little while. So, if your geek is eagerly awaiting the release of The Rise of Skywalker, a Star Wars Christmas gift could be perfect. Think cookie jars, cookware, and other home accessories. Private Plates can be cool, and clothes are always popular. If they aren’t huge Star Wars fans, think about other franchises that they enjoy, and see what related gadgets and homeware are available. 

Special Cinema Tickets

A trip to the cinema can be a relatively mundane event. Many of us do it many times a year, sometimes even multiple times a week, and it becomes routine. But, a trip to the cinema shouldn’t just be an everyday event. It should be an experience. It should certainly be more than merely watching the film. Buy your loved one VIP tickets or tickets to an advanced screening or special showing. Add extras like popcorn, better seats, and drinks to make the experience even better. 

Board Games

Board games are always popular. In a world where so many of us play games on our phones, often sitting next to the people that we love, paying them absolutely no attention as we play games with people all over the world, board games are about so much more than just gaming. They are a way to connect with the people in our lives. They can help us on our way to a digital detox, they can help us to bond and learn more about each other, and they can be a great way to boost communication in our households. So, look for some of their old favorites as well as some newer games that you think they might enjoy. 

A Games Console or Gaming PC

Consoles or games for consoles that they already own are another excellent choice. Games consoles are developing all of the time, and there are currently some fantastic models on the market. But, you shouldn’t neglect PCs when it comes to gaming. Gaming PCs or laptops can offer superior graphics, a greater choice of independent games, and a stronger community. 

A Gamers Chair

If the geek in your life always has plenty of games and consoles to keep them happy, how about keeping them comfortable? Gamers chairs give them a base, but they can also support their backs and keep them healthy during long sessions. 


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Geeks tend to have multiple interests and passions. Vinyl is experiencing a huge comeback, with many people collecting records and investing in turntables and speakers. These can be great gifts, and even though someone might have a CD and listen to an artist on Spotify, they will be keen to add the vinyl to their collections. 

A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes and services are great gifts because they don’t just happen once; they really are the gift that keeps on giving. Find a subscription box that caters to their hobbies, or sign them up for an online service like Amazon Prime or Spotify. Just remember to pay for a set amount upfront, say six months, so you don’t keep paying for much longer than you’d have liked. 

Smart Home Tech

Smart home tech can be a great gift. If they’ve already got a system, think of devices that you can add to it, or start them off with a simple smart home hub.