FROZEN PLANET Week Two Sneak Peek Clips

From the makers of Planet Earth and Life, Frozen Planet is the ultimate portrait of our earth’s polar regions, where the scale and beauty of the scenery and sheer power of the natural elements are unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Summer : Premiering March 25, 8PM e/p

In summer, life speeds up for polar wildlife as they race to raise their young. In the Arctic, polar bear cubs get their first swimming lesson and beluga whales return to shallow bays for a spa treatment. In the southern hemisphere, male Antarctic fur seals fight a life or death battle for the right to mate. As summer fades, musk oxen ram into one another with the force of a 30 mph car crash to establish dominance, while leopard seals patrol the Antarctic coastline waiting for penguin chicks to take their first swim.

Frozen Planet Penguins