Fringe Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Pilot – Original Air Date – 09/09/2008

TV Ratings :  9.00 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 3.2/9

Glatterflug Flight 627, en route from Hamburg to Boston, flies through an electrical storm over the Atlantic. The passengers inside are in varying states of discomfort bordering on fear, and one passenger looks more troubled than the rest. The sweating man pulls out an insulin pen and injects himself in the stomach. Moments later, the troubled man bursts from his seat. As his skin bubbles and peels, the dying man becomes the apparent source of a horrific contagion that causes passengers’ and crew members’ skin and muscles to literally melt from their bones.

Boston: A man and women rest in a squeaky motel bed, clearly in the afterglow. It is obvious they are in love, and that they are trying to keep it a secret from the world. A cell phone rings, and the intimate moment is broken as the woman answers. She is Olivia Dunham, a Special Agent with the FBI, as is her partner, John Scott, the man lying next to her.

Olivia arrives at Logan airport, where her friend and co-worker Charlie Francis explains the facts so far: Flight 627 landed by autopilot, and everyone on board is dead. When John Scott arrives, the two of them act professional in front of Charlie, not betraying the intimacy of their relationship.

Meanwhile, an unidentified man drives a van out of Logan Airport. He looks exactly like the troubled man on the flight, the source of the contagion. Can this really be the same guy?

On the tarmac, Special Agent Phillip Broyles of Homeland Security assembles an interagency task force to investigate the case. As the interagency liaison from the FBI, Olivia asks Broyles to include her in the team. There is clearly friction between them, and though Broyles finally agrees, he’s not happy about it.

Clad in HAZMAT suits, Olivia and the other agents enter the plane to find the horrifying remains of the passengers – nothing but bare skeletons and oozing puddles of human tissue. What could do this so quickly, and could it happen again?

At the Boston FBI Field Office, agents frantically try to get a handle on what has just happened. Charlie reports a phoned in tip: someone saw a suspicious transaction at a storage facility outside of Boston. Broyles assigns Olivia to investigate.

At the storage facility, Olivia and John uncover a secret laboratory. While Olivia is calling for backup, John spots a suspicious character outside the storage unit – and it’s the same man who was leaving the airport! He bolts and John gives chase. The man detonates a failsafe device that destroys the row of storage units. The explosion wreaks havoc, catching John in the blast and knocking Olivia unconscious.

After coming to, Olivia learns that John is suffering from a chemical reaction that is causing his skin and tissue to become translucent – apparently a slow-acting version of what happened to the passengers on Flight 627. The doctors have placed him in a coma to slow the process.

Olivia is now on a mission to find any clue that might save John Scott. Her investigations repeatedly lead back to one name: Dr. Walter Bishop, a scientist whose own research may have provided the basis for the 627 contagion. But Walter has been confined at St. Claire’s psychiatric hospital for the past seventeen years. Broyles tells Olivia that if she’s going to follow this lead, she’ll have to find the only person who has legal access to Dr. Bishop – his son, Peter Bishop.

There’s just one catch. Peter is in a Baghdad hotel, and is reluctant to return to the states. But Olivia manipulates him into helping, mentioning his secret FBI file and threatening to let certain people know his whereabouts.

On the flight back, Peter questions Olivia about his father and the work that he used to do for the government. Olivia says Walter worked in an area called “fringe science,” covering topics as diverse as mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, and reanimation.

Peter escorts Olivia to the mental institution to meet his father. Walter’s mind is fractured and his thoughts disconnected, but he does seem to know what might be happening to John Scott. Walter requests to see his son, whom he hasn’t seen in many years, and the tension between them is palpable. Peter did not have a happy childhood.

On the way to see John Scott in the hospital, Walter reveals that the only other person who knew about his research was William Bell, his former lab partner. Unknown to Walter, over the past seventeen years Bell has built a multi-billion dollar corporation called Massive Dynamic, and he is now one of the richest men in the world.

Walter examines John, whose condition is worsening. Walter takes a tissue sample and says he needs to examine it in the lab – the same lab he worked in years ago at Harvard. When Peter says that’s not possible, Walter becomes agitated and violent. It is clear that no progress will be made without meeting Walter’s demands.

Broyles pulls strings to reopen Walter’s old Harvard lab.

As the lab is being readied for Walter’s experiments, Peter asks Olivia what the FBI has on him, and Olivia admits that she was bluffing. There is no file. She was desperate and needed Peter’s help to gain access to Walter. A growing respect begins to form between the two rule-breakers.

Walter explains that the chemical compound used on Flight 627 is similar to one that was developed for use in the Vietnam War. John, however, was exposed to the compound’s raw ingredients, and in order to synthesize a cure, Walter needs to know exactly what chemicals were in the storage unit. But the storage unit was completely destroyed in the explosion, and John was the only one who saw the suspect.

Walter proposes a dangerous gambit. He recalls an experiment involving the retrieval of memories from a person who had been dead for less then six hours. He posits that the same method could be used to merge two people’s consciousness – thus providing access to the comatose victim’s brain. However, the procedure will involve dosing Olivia with a drug cocktail – including LSD. Despite the danger, Olivia agrees to proceed.

Once the preparations are complete, Olivia strips down and enters an isolation tank. Outside the tank, Walter, Peter, and Astrid (Olivia’s assistant) watch monitors as John’s and Olivia’s brainwave patterns merge, indicating a subconscious connection between the two.

As their minds meld, Olivia enters a surreal dream world. The scenery changes again and again until she stands in a graveyard facing John Scott. They embrace, and clearly they are still passionately in love. Olivia asks John to remember the face he saw at the storage unit. Through John’s eyes, Olivia relives the events at the storage unit. Just before the inevitable blast, Olivia sees the suspect’s face! Her vitals spike and the tank doors fly open as Walter and Peter lift her out.

A computer rendering of the suspect’s face leads them to a passenger who was on Flight 627, Morgan Steig. But everyone on the flight died. It turns out that Morgan has a twin brother, Richard Steig, and Richard’s last employer was Massive Dynamic.

Olivia pays a visit to Massive Dynamic and is received by the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Nina Sharp. Nina hands over the company’s file on Richard Steig, while giving Olivia a chilling warning about the world of fringe science she is now investigating.

Olivia and an FBI tactical team swarm Steig’s apartment while Walter and Peter wait outside in a car. When Steig escapes out the back, Olivia gives chase, and with Peter’s unexpected help she apprehends Steig. Back at the FBI, Olivia interrogates Steig, trying to get the list of chemicals that he used to create the contagion. When Steig refuses to talk, Peter steps in and reveals his willingness to use violence to get answers.

In the lab, Walter and Peter concoct a formula based on Steig’s information to reverse John’s condition. As Olivia waits outside, Broyles approaches her and extends an olive branch. He says he wants her to come and work for him, on a special task force investigating “The Pattern,” a series of bizarre events involving unexplained phenomena and rapid scientific progress. It is as if someone is conducting experiments, but with the whole world as their lab. Olivia refuses the offer, intent on returning to her familiar life. Broyles pointedly replies that that may not be possible.

With John in recovery, Olivia checks in on Steig. He tells Olivia that there is a mole in the FBI; someone from her office contacted him trying to buy the contagion. When Olivia demands proof, Steig gives her directions to an audiotape. Olivia retrieves the tape, and as she listens to it she recognizes the mole’s voice. It’s John Scott!

Meanwhile, John has recovered enough to get out of bed and change into street clothes. He immediately goes about tying off loose ends, the first of which is Richard Steig, whom John smothers with a pillow. Olivia pulls up to the hospital just in time to see John fleeing in a car, and a high-speed chase ensues. The chase ends in grisly wreck as John’s car flips over. As he crawls from the wreckage, Olivia demands to know who he is really working for, but before John can answer he dies in her arms.

In the aftermath, a conversation with Charlie makes Olivia realize how much the world has changed. And she knows what she has to do. Returning to Harvard, she finds Walter about to return to the asylum. She intercepts Peter and urges him to stay, because only Peter can watch over Walter and speak his language. Walter’s understanding of fringe science may be the key to unraveling the mysterious string of events known as The Pattern. Peter reluctantly agrees.

Back at Massive Dynamic, Nina Sharp observes John Scott’s lifeless body on a gurney. She asks an orderly how long John has been dead. The answer is five hours. Nina gives the order: “Question him.” The body is wheeled silently through a high-security portal for the interrogation to begin.

Episode 2 – The Same Old Story – Original Air Date – 09/16/2008

TV Ratings :  13.36 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 5.2/13

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A cheap motel in Boston. A young man, whose name we later learn is CHRISTOPHER, has just had a one-night stand with a stripper, LORAINE. Just as he steps into the bathroom and opens a medical bag filled with creepy metal tools, he hears Loraine scream. She’s suddenly in terrible pain, seizing her stomach and crawling out the door. Christopher abandons his mysterious preparations and helps Loraine into the car.

En route to the hospital, Loraine’s stomach is growing and undulating. Christopher dumps her on the curb at the hospital and takes off. In the E.R., doctors ask how far she is into her term – but she has no idea she’s even pregnant! As she goes into labor and the doctors prepare to deliver the baby, they hear a nauseating tearing sound. Loraine flatlines. The doctors quickly slice open Loraine’s massive abdomen for a C-section, and upon seeing what’s inside, their eyes widen with fear and a nurse screams in horror.

Downtown Boston. Special Agent Phillip Broyles meets with the members of a top-secret committee whose mission is to investigate The Pattern. Shortly thereafter, he calls Special Agent Olivia Dunham of the FBI, whom he recently recruited to head up a special team to cover Pattern cases, and tells her to assemble her team.

When Olivia arrives at Walter’s and Peter’s hotel to pick them up, Peter finds Walter huddled in the closet. Without the familiar sound of “Row Row Row Your Boat” sung by one of his fellow inmates at the mental asylum where he spent the last 17 years, Walter just can’t fall asleep.

At the hospital, Broyles explains that our Jane Doe (Loraine) died shortly after arrival, and the baby she birthed grew into an old man and died of “natural causes”… all within a half hour. As Walter inspects the body of this bizarre man-baby, Olivia and Peter head to the hotel to investigate the crime scene.

Peter finds a strange orange gel in the bathroom. In the bedroom, Olivia recognizes the tell-tale signs of a serial-killer case she had worked with her former partner (and secret lover) John Scott. The killer would take a woman to a motel, paralyze her, then use surgical tools to go through the nasal cavity and remove a piece of the brain. If Olivia’s right, this is the same guy — and he’s going to kill again.

Meanwhile, Christopher enters a club and picks up an attractive young woman, his next victim. He brings her back to a warehouse loft. While she looks at the view of a bridge through the window, Christopher prepares a syringe – which he suddenly jabs into her neck.

When Peter returns to the lab, Walter says that he has fantastic news: he remembers where he parked his car seventeen years ago! Together they head to a locked garage, where they find Walter’s station wagon parked exactly where he left it – with Walter’s files stashed inside for safe keeping. Peter reveals his mechanical skills by bringing the old car back to life.

His memory jogged by his old files, Walter finally recalls having worked with one Dr. CLAUSE PEROSE on experiments dealing with rapid growth thirty years ago. It turns out Clause is currently a professor at Boston College. Meanwhile, Christopher continues his gruesome work, finishing off the young woman at the warehouse.

At Boston College, Olivia and Peter question Claus Penrose. He remembers the work he did with Walter, and to this day feels it was morally wrong. As a result, he quit working for the U.S. government after only one year. Charlie calls to inform Olivia that they’ve found the latest victim, and she was right: this must be the same killer, because the victim’s pituitary gland has been removed.

With the latest body back at the lab, Walter finally remembers the specifics of his project with Penrose. The U.S. Army had tasked them with finding a way to cultivate soldiers, who could mature to prime fighting age in a short period of time. But the project failed because they could never stop the aging process. Walter hypothesizes that someone must have made a breakthrough, and the killer is in fact the product of the experiment. The killer must extract the pituitary gland from his victims’ brains in order to keep his own aging process in check. And he transmitted his own rapid-aging condition to the child he conceived with Loraine during their one-night stand.

Back at Christopher’s loft, the killer meets with a confidante, and it’s none other than Claus Penrose, who refers to Christopher as his son! Christopher is in increasing pain, and he needs the pituitary from another victim.

In the lab, Walter posits that they may be able to recover the last image the previous victim saw from her optic nerve. But to do so, they will need a sophisticated piece of equipment – equipment that only one company has the patent for: Massive Dynamic.

Olivia heads to Massive Dynamic to meet with Chief Operating Officer Nina Sharp. Nina, as helpful as ever, offers up the electronic pulse camera, which Olivia takes back to the lab. Walter and Peter assemble the machine and start the process of extracting images from the victim’s eye.

Christopher enters another bar and finds his next victim, bringing her back to the loft. Meanwhile, Olivia’s team manages to extract a single image from the last victim’s optic nerve: a bridge, which they are able to identify as Sergeant Bridge in Stoughton, Mass. They match the angle and triangulate the location to a building in a warehouse district.

Olivia and Peter race to the warehouse loft, where they find the next victim strapped to a table – and Clause Penrose waiting for them. Olivia hears a rattle and moves to chase Christopher, leaving Peter to guard Penrose. Penrose adjusts the victim’s IV drip and her vitals spike, giving him just enough time to run. Peter, forced to choose between going after Penrose or saving the victim, assembles a make-shift defibrillator (with Walter’s help via cell phone) and shocks the victim’s heart back to life! Elsewhere, Olivia corners Christopher. But he no longer looks at all like the man who murdered all those women. He’s a gray-haired man now, aging decades right before Olivia’s eyes. With his dying breath, he confesses that he was an experiment – that someone made him. And blinded by love, his father refused to let him die.

Later. Olivia returns the pulse camera to Nina – who surprises her by offering her a job heading up security at Massive Dynamic. Back at the FBI, Broyles reminds Olivia that everything associated with these cases is strictly confidential, and even though people such as Nina Sharp do have some clearance, she is not to discuss cases with anyone.

Peter and Walter’s hotel. Walter again struggles with insomnia, keeping his son awake by reciting an endless sequence of numbers. In an attempt to lull his father to sleep, Peter offers an annoyed rendition of “Row Row Row Your Boat.” As Walter closes his eyes, the scene shifts to an undisclosed location, where there are three young men in what appear to be incubators… growing.

Episode 3 – The Ghost Network – Original Air Date – 09/23/2008

TV Ratings :  9.65 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.2/10

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St Anne’s Cathedral, Boston. A man, ROY, sits in confession. He is deeply troubled and speaks in a trembling voice. Roytellsthe priest that the devil is speaking to him, sending him visions of horrible events, and his latest vision is about something terrible happening on a bus.

A Boston transit bus. A man in a business suit, ZIEGLER, gets on the bus and blends in with the other passengers. Moments later, he puts on a gasmask and releases a canister filled with smoke! While the otherriders panic, Ziegler calmly grabs a backpack belonging to one of the other passengers. The bus has come to a screeching halt as passengers choke on the white smoke filling the cabin. Ziegler steps off the bus and gets into a waiting car, as behind him everyone on the bus seems to freeze in place…

Roy, unable to finish his confession, runs out of the church, dropping a crumpled drawing of his last vision: a bus full of people, choking and dying as they try to escape.

Cemetery. A funeral is in progress for John Scott, Olivia’s former partner and secret lover. The honor guard hands a folded American flag to John’s mother, who stares directly at Olivia, almost as if she blames her for John’s death. As the ceremony ends, Special Agent Broyles arrives and asks Olivia to come with him.

In a roadside dinner, Walter and Peter order breakfast. It seems like a normal moment between father and son until Walter begins to mix his own prescription drug cocktail – just a little something he whipped up in his lab to counteract the effects of the time spent in the asylum. Peter notices a guy at the counter who has been following him and goes over to confront him. The guy tells Peter he was supposed to check in when he got back in town. When Peter returns to the table, an unconcerned Walter announces that Olivia called about something happening on a bus. Also, he’s decided he would like the pancakes.

Broyles leads the team to the bus, which sits in a blocked off tunnel. Our team sees the bus passengers suspended in the horrific death tableau, frozen within a misty translucent substance. Walter deduces that whatever suffocated them must have been released as a gas and then instantly solidified, encasing all of the passengers.

In what looks like a mysterious crypt, Ziegler and another associate dump out the contents of the backpack. They are searching for something, but they cannot find it. The associate takes out a strange satellite phone and speaks in Latin. Meanwhile, at his workplace, Roy has another vision. This time he draws a woman who appears to have stigmata – blood dripping from her hands.

In the lab, Walter ties to identify the substance from the bus, and Peter tries to help. To Peter’s annoyance, the only thing Walter wants is for Peter to play the piano. Back at the crime scene, Olivia sifts through the personal belongings of the victims and realizes that a backpack is missing. The woman it was stolen from was an undercover DEA AGENT EVELINA MENDOZA.

Broyles and Olivia meet with DEA AGENT DAVIDSON, who says Agent Mendoza had stumbled on something involving “the Pattern,” but what it was he doesn’t know. Davidson then asks to identify the body. Olivia accompanies him to the morgue. Having just lost her own partner, she is sensitive to what Davidson is going through and gives him a moment alone with the body.

Back at the lab, Walter explains that the solid smoke was a silicon-based aerosol that solidifies into a solid when it comes in contact with the nitrogen in the atmosphere. Peter adds that Massive Dynamic manufactures the chemicals used in the solid smoke. But before Olivia can follow this lead, Charlie summons her to Roy’s apartment; she’s going to want to see what’s there.

Roy’s apartment. Charlie shows Olivia a room full of handmade models and drawings of pattern events, all of them gruesome and disturbing. All the drawings are dated before the incidents took place. It seems that Roy is seeing the future.

Roy sits in an interrogation room. Roy reluctantly explains that he gets visions in his head, and the only way to get them out is to draw or recreate them. This has been happening for nine months – about the same time that Broyles says the government became aware of the Pattern. Walter postulates that Roy might be receiving these thoughts from the people planning the attacks… he must be psychic! Moreover, Roy might not have any control over this ability, and the people sending the messages may not even know that Roy is receiving them. To prove his theory Walter asks to examine Roy.

Walter and Peter watch as Roy is placed in an MRI. As the machine whirs to life, Roy begins to scream in pain as ripples form across his skin and face. The high-powered magnets of the machine are pulling something out of Roy’s skin!

Realizing that Roy must have metal in his blood, Walter returns to his old files and discovers that Roy is actually an old test subject. Walter was working on a military project to directly send messages into people’s brain. To achieve this, Walter injected his subjects with an organo-iridium compound that would act as a receiver for messages sent over a secret radio frequency known as “the ghost network.”

Walter hypothesizes that Roy is receiving transmissions sent by a group that has discovered and activated the ghost network. The messages are going intoRoy’s sensory cortex, which explains why Roy is seeing and feeling the messages instead of hearing them. In order for Roy to “hear” the transmissions, Walter will need to shift the iridium compound to Roy’s auditory cortex, a minor surgery. Minor brain surgery, Peter points out.

Peter and Olivia recover a neural stimulator that Walter had hidden years ago in the walls of their old house. Walter attaches the medieval-looking device to Roy’s head. Then Peter shows Roy a series of images to determine where Roy is picking up the ghost signal. As Roy responds, Walter uses the neural-stimulator to shift the signal around Roy’s brain. Roy first sees, then tastes, then smells the images until he begins to hear voices. But Roy doesn’t understand; it sounds like gibberish. As Roy repeats the sounds he is hearing, Astrid realizes he is speaking Latin and translates for the group.

An exchange is being set up. The parties are going to meet at South Station bus terminal in an hour. The voice goes on to say that what they wanted “was on her the whole time.”

Olivia looks at Roy’s last drawing, the women with stigmata, and realizes that what the bad guys wanted was actually inside the undercover agent. At the morgue, Davidson dug something from the palm of Agent Mendoza’s hand out. Davidson is a traitor! And now he is planning to hand over what he found to the people who attacked the bus.

Olivia, Charlie, and plainclothes FBI agents arrive at the bus station. As Astrid interprets what Roy is hearing, Peter relays it to Olivia in real time. Olivia spots Davidson carrying a metal brief case, but before she can reach him, another man, Ziegler, silently shoots Davidson and grabs the case. Charlie and Olivia give chase and corner Ziegler, but before they can cuff him, Ziegler steps in front of a bus and dies instantly.

Back at the Boston FBI offices, technicians remove a glass disk from the metal case that Ziegler carried. Broyles shows Olivia the glass disk. He doesn’t know what is on it, but he knows that it is somehow linked to the Pattern.

Later. Broyles meets Nina Sharp of Massive Dynamic and hands over the glass disk, saying he’d rather not “go through channels.” Then the two have a cryptic conversation about what is best for Olivia and her future.

Nina walks into a laboratory at Massive Dynamic and hands the disk to a scientist, saying that they have found another one. The scientist confirms that it is intact, and he should be able to break the encryption that is locking the data on the disk. The scientist then gestures to a computer monitor where streams of data are being downloaded. He has been able to stabilize the link to another disk, and has been pulling data off it for the last 72 hours. The top of the data stream is labeled “John Scott,” and Nina asks to be informed when the download is finished. Next to the monitor rests the body of John Scott, neural probes snaking back to the monitor.

Episode 4 – The Arrival – Original Air Date – 09/30/2008

TV Ratings : 10.04 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.3/11

A diner in Brooklyn, NY. A BALD MAN in a black suit orders a roast beef sandwich, drowning it in pepper and Tabasco, while eyeing a construction site across the street using a camera that’s unlike any we’ve seen before. He jots notes in an indecipherable language – also unlike any we’ve seen before. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a massive explosion erupts at the construction site. As throngs of people run for cover, the bald man approaches the site of destruction and places a call: “It has arrived.”

Boston. Walter keeps Peter up all night reciting the formula for root beer, and for Peter this is the last straw. The next day he tells Olivia he wants out of their arrangement. Olivia reminds Peter that Walter has stated he won’t cooperate with the FBI unless Peter is there.

Chelsea, Mass. Broyles meets Olivia, Peter, and Walter at a warehouse, where he reveals that what appeared to be a gas main explosion in Brooklyn was in fact caused by a strange metal cylinder that emerged from underground. Although Walter appears to recognize the cylinder, he refuses to disclose what it is. Broyles explains that a cylinder like this appeared once before in 1987 in Quantico, Va., where COLONEL HENRY JACOBSON was the commanding officer. Olivia served under Col. Jacobson when she was in the Marines. Peter says this will be his last case — then he’s gone. Walter demands to study the cylinder back at his lab.

Olivia heads to Roseville, Va., to question Jacobson. He offers his condolences over the loss of her partner; he knew she and Agent Scott were close. When Olivia asks about the incident in 1987, Jacobson explains that 48 hours after the cylinder showed up, it exploded… downward. He warns her to stay away from the cylinder if she can.

While Walter runs tests on the cylinder at the lab, a mysterious ASSAILANT, armed with a strange gun, approaches the warehouse, shooting his way inside and demanding to know the whereabouts of the cylinder.

Olivia is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call… a mysterious voice is on the other end. Is that John Scott? But when she runs a trace on the call, she’s informed that there’s no record of any call coming in.

Back at the lab, Peter continues to question Walter about the cylinder, but he still gets no answers. Walter does divulge that 20 years ago he worked on PROJECT THOR – an experimental project designed to launch a torpedo through the earth. Just then Olivia realizes that she’s seen the Bald Man in the crime scene photo before! She saw him in a photo from the hospital (in episode 2, “The Same Old Story”). Meanwhile, the Assailant pays Jacobson a visit, shooting his way into the home.

Olivia shows Broyles her discovery about the Bald Man. Broyles leads her into a room covered wall to wall with photos of Pattern events — all featuring the Bald Man. Broyles explains that he’s been at over three dozen of these events. But all he does is watch… and so they call him “The Observer.” As Olivia digests this new information, Broyles receives a call about the attack at the warehouse. Worried, Olivia calls Peter at the lab to warn him that someone is trying to get the cylinder. Walter tells Peter to get some aluminum foil to shield the cylinder’s signal and keep it save… and he would also like a root beer float. As Peter runs out, Walter asks Astrid to bring him the syringe from a nearby table. She does, but when she turns around Walter injects her with the syringe, knocking her out.

Peter returns to find Astrid on the floor, regaining consciousness. At the same time, the Assailant fastens Jacobson to a strange machine, interrogating him about the cylinder’s whereabouts… torturing him until Jacobson thinks of the answers, which somehow transfer to his captor without words.

A diner somewhere in Boston. Walter sits at a booth, ordering a root beer float. Across from him sits The Observer, thanking him for hiding the cylinder. Later, as the FBI and local police try to find Walter and the cylinder, Olivia gets a call: Walter has finally turned up, arrested for walking along the median of I-95.

During the interrogation, Walter refuses to reveal where he’s hidden the cylinder — but he confesses that someone’s after it and he must keep the cylinder away from them for another four hours. Additionally, Walter reveals that he’s spoken to The Observer. As Peter grows more insistent on answers, Walter erupts — calling Peter small-minded, just like his mother, always questioning his judgment! As that rebuke lands like a bomb, Peter decides he has no reason left to stay and walks out. Back at the lab, Peter packs his belongings — but before he can leave, the Assailant appears right behind him.

Olivia gets a call from Astrid: Peter’s missing and there’s been a struggle at the lab. In an undisclosed location, we see Peter strapped down, hooked up by the Assailant to his machine. Although Peter claims to have no idea how to find the cylinder, the Assailant continues interrogating him about his childhood, Walter, and most importantly, where Walter likes to hide things.

Olivia confronts Walter in the interrogation room with the information that Peter has been abducted. Walter’s convinced Peter will lead the Assailant right to the cylinder.

Exhausted, beaten, and restrained, Peter unknowingly gives the Assailant the information he’s looking for… without saying anything. They drive into the woods, where the Assailant leads Peter to Robert Bishop’s cemetery plot and tells him to dig. The cylinder is buried in the grave. Just then Olivia shows up — running through the woods in search of Peter, flashlight drawn. The Assailant grabs the Cylinder and runs! As Olivia gives chase, the Assailant fires his mysterious gun at her and misses, blowing up trees. Olivia returns fire and kills the Assailant. Just then there’s an explosion — and the cylinder vanishes into the ground.

The Observer, who has been standing watch, places a phone call: “Departure on schedule.” Then he’s tackled by Peter — but when Peter speaks, the Observer just repeats Peter’s words back to him. And then he says Peter’s words at the same time as Peter… and then before Peter. He verbalizes what Peter’s about to say before he even has a chance to say it… seemingly reading his mind. As Peter stands shocked, the Observer fires a gun that knocks him down, but leaves no mark, and leaves. Peter picks himself up as Olivia returns…

Back at the FBI, Charlie prepares to take Walter back to the hotel. But there’s something Walter needs to do first. He approaches Astrid at her desk and apologizes. Astrid refuses to acknowledge him, offering a cold shoulder as she continues her work. It’ll take some time for her to forgive.

At the hospital, Broyles tells Olivia that although there’s no sign of the cylinder, they’ve identified the Assailant: JOHN MOSELY. He’s wanted for double-homicide in Seattle. As Broyles walks off, Peter approaches, disturbed. He tells Olivia that the Observer was also in the woods and knew what he was going to say before he said it. Olivia’s unsure whether Peter is right or just took a hard hit to the head. Olivia admits that it’s wrong for her to make Peter stay. Peter explains that there are things going on now that affect him, and he’s not going anywhere until he understands them. In that case — Olivia hands him his new badge: civilian consultant to Homeland Security.

Peter returns to his hotel with about a thousand questions. Walter says that Peter knew where the cylinder was buried because Walter knew it. Walter goes on to recall an accident they had when Peter was a child, when their car went off the road into the ice and Peter was nearly killed. Walter says they were saved, pulled out of the car by The Observer. And somehow, inexplicably, The Observer was in his head, knew his thoughts, and he made it clear that he would need Walter’s help one day. Walter knew he had to protect the capsule for the Observer, to return the favor for saving them.

Olivia returns home — it’s been a long day. She grabs a snack and a drink. Then she sees someone standing there… JOHN SCOTT, right there in her kitchen.

Episode 5 – Power Hungry – Original Air Date – 10/14/2008

TV Ratings : 9.53  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.1/10

When it’s discovered that a rather simple man has the ability to harness electricity, dangerous and deadly occurrences follow, and our unlikely trio investigates this super-charged oddity. Meanwhile, Olivia has a high-voltage encounter of a different kind when she is rocked by a blast from her past, and Dr. Bishop turns to his feathered friends and enlists homing pigeons to help him break the case in the “Power Hungry” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Oct. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-105) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Ebon Moss Bachrach as Joseph Meegar; Max Baker as Fischer; Mary Louise Burke as Flora Meegar; Diane Davis as Bethany.

Episode 6 – The Cure – Original Air Date – 10/21/2008

TV Ratings : 9.11 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.0/10

After weeks of being reported missing, a woman with a rare disease resurfaces in suburban Massachusetts and inexplicably causes excruciating pain and subsequent death to those she encounters. As the gruesome scene is investigated, dangerous levels of radiation are detected, and unusual circumstances surrounding the case point to illegal human drug trials and possibly something even more sinister. Meanwhile, Walter obsesses about cotton candy, Peter strikes a bargain with Nina Sharp and a startling piece of Olivia’s past is revealed in the all-new “The Cure” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Oct. 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-106) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Chris Eigemann as David Esterbrook; Marjan Neshat as Claire Williams; Alok Tewari as Dr. Sanjay Patel; Maria Dizzia as Emily Kramer; Robert Eli as Ken Williams; Lisa Emery as Paula Kramer; and William Hill as Officer Marty. 

Episode 7 – In Which We Meet Mr. Jones – Original Air Date – 11/11/2008

TV Ratings :  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

Episode 8 – The Equation – Original Air Date – 11/18/2008

TV Ratings : Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

Episode 9 – The Dreamscape – Original Air Date – 11/25/2008

TV Ratings :  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

Episode 10 – Safe – Original Air Date – 12/02/2008

TV Ratings :  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

Episode 11 – Bound – Original Air Date – 01/20/2009

TV Ratings : 12.09 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.7/11

After shifty FBI Agent Mitchel Loeb orchestrated David Robert Jones’ otherworldly escape from a German prison and Olivia’s alarming abduction, indications of a larger threat begin to emerge. Adding to the intense circumstances, one of Olivia’s former adversaries is called in by Internal Affairs to conduct a formal review of the Fringe Division, and Olivia’s sister, Rachel (guest star Ari Graynor), pays a visit. The timing couldn’t be more inopportune, as Olivia, Walter and Peter race against time to solve the wildly grotesque murder of an esteemed epidemiologist – which may link to Olivia’s own abduction – before a catastrophic epidemic is unleashed in the all-new “Bound” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Jan. 20 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-111) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Chance Kelly as Mitchel Loeb; Jared Harris as David Robert Jones; Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris; Ari Graynor as Rachel; Lily Pilyblad as Ella; Sara Wilson as Tara Coleman; Stephen Schnetzer as Professor Stewart Kinberg and Peter Jay Fernandez as Dr. Simon

Episode 12 – The No-Brainer – Original Air Date – 01/27/2009

TV Ratings : 12.09 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.7/11

Olivia, Walter and Peter are called in to investigate the death of a car salesman who was found in a pool of “goo,” exactly like another man across the country. When Walter discovers that the “goo” is brain matter, the trio tries to figure out how the killer can liquefy human brains. As the deaths pile up, the investigation reveals a common thread linking the victims together in an unthinkable manner. Meanwhile, Olivia is horrified when the case places a loved one in harm’s way in the all-new “The No-Brainer” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Jan. 27 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-112) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Guest Cast: Chris Bauer as Brian Dempsey; Noah Fleiss as Luke Dempsey; Mary Beth Peil as Jessica Warren; Gbenga Akinagbe as Akim; Mark Lotito as Paul Wiles; Susan Knight as Cynthia Wiles; Jake O’Connor as Gregory Wiles; Randy Kovitz as Mark 

Episode 13 – The Transformation – Original Air Date – 02/03/2009

TV Ratings : 13.04 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 5.1/12

When the Fringe Division delves into another bizarre occurrence aboard an international jumbo jet, freakish remains are discovered at the crash site. Memories tip the team toward some promising leads, but the bigger picture and mysterious threat eludes them. With limited options and insufficient intelligence, Olivia and Peter go undercover in the all-new “The Transformation” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Feb. 3 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-113) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Felix Solis as Strickland; Neal Huff as Bowman;  Armando Riesco as Gavin; Darby Totten as Agent #1; Ash  Roeca as Agent #2; Guisseppe Jones as Agent #3; Al Sapienza as Conrad; Chris Lapanta as Gavin’s Man and Dina Comolli as Mom

Episode 14 – Ability – Original Air Date – 02/10/2009

TV Ratings : 10.46 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 4.3/11

When German authorities question Olivia about her “relationship” with escaped prisoner David Robert Jones, a suspected traitor and bioterrorist Olivia encountered months ago in Germany, it’s discovered that he’s now in the U.S., but no one knows why. Meanwhile, Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate an extreme and disturbing case in which victims suffocate to death when all their orifices suddenly seal. With few leads and many questions, Fringe Division tries to make sense of the return of Mr. Jones and the foreboding mysterious occurrences, while Olivia is singled out and put to the ultimate test in the all-new FRINGE episode “Ability” airing Tuesday, Feb. 10 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-114) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Chance Kelly as Mitchel Loeb; Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris; Jared Harris as David Robert Jones; Clark Middleton as Edward Markham

Episode 15 – Inner Child – Original Air Date – 04/07/2009

TV Ratings :  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

Just seconds before a building is demolished, a mysterious mute child that has been living alone underground is discovered. When the FBI’s Fringe Division investigates, the boy forms an unspoken connection with Agent Olivia Dunham. Meanwhile, an especially gruesome serial killer resurfaces and showcases his “artistry” by displaying his work publicly. As the boy gradually assimilates into a new environment, Olivia and the team must race against the clock to prevent the mad man from further macabre in the all-new FRINGE episode “Inner Child” airing Tuesday, April 7 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-115) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Guest Cast:  Jeremy Shamos as The Artist; Spencer List as The Child; Matt Mulhern as Dennis; Alicia Goranson as Tattoo Girl; Carolyn Feldschuh as Older Woman; Jimmy Palumbo as Mike; Erik Palladino as  Eliot Michaels; Nelson Pena as Junior Agent; Robert Payne as Agent; Victor Williams as Phil; Phil Nee as Archie; Sandra Daley as Dr. Winick; Mary Lou Schriber as Nurse

Episode 16 – Unleashed – Original Air Date – 04/14/2009

TV Ratings :  Million Viewers | Adults 18-49:

As animal rights activists ransack a laboratory, they get more than they bargained for when one of the caged “animals” unleashes a ferocious appetite. Leaving grotesquely mutilated dead bodies in its wake, the scientific engineered beast – with the body of a lion, claws of an eagle, fangs of a viper, skin of a rhinoceros and tail of a serpent – attacks Charlie. With Charlie’s life on the line, Walter must come face-to-face with both his past and the beast in the all-new “Unleashed” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, April 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-116) (TV-14 L, V)

Guest Cast: Craig Alan Edwards as Matt; Tim Gallin as Ken; Keith Nobbs as Carl Bussler; David Pittu as Robert Swift; Chris Jackson as EMT; Kiersten Warren as Sonia; Rafi Silver as Jonathan Swift; Jeremy Zorek as Tuck